An essential guide to living a stylish life

An essential guide to living a stylish life

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Text: Janice Sim

How does one build a stylish empire? Pick up a few key tips from our editor-in-chief, Norman Tan, as he scours through the hottest spots at Millenia Walk

You might already know our fashionable editor-in-chief, Norman Tan, from his alluring Instagram feed (@musingmutley), where every square holds an eye-catching takeaway — whether it be useful menswear styling tips or picturesque travel recommendations. Truth be told, his life outside the 'gram? The man is a walking style dictionary.

Below, watch him chat about building a successful stylish empire from the one-stop mall Millenia Walk, where a curated shopping experience awaits you. From delicious eateries like Plentyfull, to sophisticated boutiques like van Laack, it's that easy to shop hop with wonderful deals at every turn. Here's how to make the most of it.

"Classic and dapper stems from a great shirt."
Behind every sharp outfit, lies a great shirt. With that as a base, it's extremely easy to build on your personal style, whether it be streetwear influences or the occasional runway trend. At van Laack, you'll find quality threads in their array of made-to-measure shirts, blouses, polo shirts, and trousers.

"You can't have enough accessories."
When it comes to arm candy, more is definitely more. The right kind of accessories can do wonders to elevate an outfit, like a sturdy timepiece. Check in to Gnomon Watches, where a wide selection of German brands — such as Steinhart Watches and Damasko Watches — are readily available. And if you ever feel like you need to switch it up throughout the week, just have a play around with their interchangeable Nato straps. 

"Establish a solid foundation when it comes to interiors."
Let's be honest — what your home looks like is also an accurate representation of your personal style. Start with the major fundamental pieces, like a good plushy sofa or a comfortable bed, before moving onto the intricate details. You'll be spoilt for choice down at Grafunkt — liven your private haven with their selection of minimalistic tables and chairs, sleek lighting fixtures and modern bookshelves.

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 "Get your main influences from music and art."
What's it like living in today's digitally-driven world? If you've been out on a bus or train of late, you'll find that nifty tech gadgets make up our main source of entertainment. At Bowers & Wilkins, tech has surpassed its geeky shadow with chic and covetable products. Expect to score spiffy headphones and stunning wireless speakers, that you can take with you anywhere in the world. It'll likely even accent your perfect #ootd.   stylish headphones millenia walk

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