Interview with Nude Yoga Girl on Instagram: How baring it all online has helped in her journey to self-love

Interview with Nude Yoga Girl on Instagram: How baring it all online has helped in her journey to self-love

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Text: Corinne Cheah

Despite having 858k followers and a verified badge beside her Instagram handle, not much is known about Nude Yoga Girl. After all, her MO is all about anonymity; with her face constantly concealed. The focus is on how her body bends and stretches beautifully with picturesque backdrops. Being one of The Luxe Nomad's brand ambassadors and recently hosted at one of their properties in Bali, Nude Yoga Girl tells us more about the meaning behind her work, the benefits of yoga and the influence of nude art on body positivity

Tell us how the idea of posing nude came about?
It was just an ordinary Sunday when I got the idea to try nude yoga photos for the first time. I think the idea came about by combining my passions: yoga, writing and photography. I found a new way to express myself that would also support my message as well: "You are beautiful exactly the way you are". 

How did you fall in love with yoga?
I tried yoga for the first time more than ten years ago and I went to classes occasionally. But I really fell in love with yoga about four years ago when I started to practice daily online classes and found a routine. That's when it started to become a way of life and I also started to take different classes regularly. 


What are some benefits of yoga you think most people still don't understand?
Yoga is for everyone and there are many different styles to try out and find the one that suits you and your body best. For me, the most important thing in yoga is how it makes you feel on the inside; it's not about what poses or asanas you can make. This is easily forgotten nowadays. The feeling of being present and in peace is what matters to me. Yoga is a great help to accepting and loving yourself fully - it teaches us so many things. The yoga community is amazing around the world.  

You have obviously travelled to many countries to have your photos taken - which is your favourite? And where is one destination that you would want to go next? 
I absolutely love Bali — I'm currently here and it's for sure on top of my list. Also Tulum in Mexico, Koh Samui in Thailand and Sardinia in Italy. City wise, I love New York. Clear waters fascinate me as I'm looking to photograph more underwater shots too. Having said that, I think that Seychelles would be a nice destination next. 


Nude Yoga Girl comes across as an anonymous identity since you don't reveal your face in any of the photos. Why is that something you have decided on? 
For me, my account is not about who. It's about what it stands for, its message and the art I create.          

What is the main message that you are trying to drive home to your followers as @nude_yogagirl?
My main message is ''You are beautiful exactly the way you are''. We are all unique and that's amazing. I want to encourage people to be completely themselves. Yoga has helped me the most with self-acceptance and loving myself fully so I want to try and inspire people to get into it too. Creating nude art pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I'm happy I did it. I want to try and inspire people to follow their own path, passions and dreams.       


You have mentioned a few times that English is not your first language, could you share with our readers where you are from?
I haven't shared with my followers where I'm from either, it's part of being anonymous. But I can say that I come from a country where there is a lot of snow during winter!        

The real balance is going nude and doing it tastefully  tell us how do you achieve that?
Many times it's about choosing the right poses and taking photos from the right angles. It makes a big difference and sometimes a completely nude photo can show much less than a bikini. It's also about the feelings that you create your photos with - everything transmits at the end result. Sometimes I decide not to post some photos purely because the pose in my mind would show a little bit too much and dilute the artistic direction.

What is the most challenging yoga move that you had to do on a photoshoot? 
I always take my photos with my boyfriend — he helps me with them. The most challenging probably has to be the king dancer pose as my leg is directly above my head (actually almost all poses that need good balance/body control because many times I do it in nature without an even surface) and handstand variations.       


What are your skincare and bodycare tips that you abide by?
Keeping your skin well hydrated is important. In warmer destinations, try not to expose it too much to the sun and use sun protection. Eating the right things makes a huge difference as well. I try to eat clean and stay away from highly processed plant-based food. Sleeping and resting enough is my challenge, but I find it really important. Listen to your body and what it tells you, it's wise!      

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