Circuit breaker in Singapore: Stories from home on bonding with family, Zoom calls, and home cooked meals

Circuit breaker in Singapore: Stories from home on bonding with family, Zoom calls, and home cooked meals

Taboo tales

Text: Janice Sim

To revisit the events occurred over the last few months, there's been plenty of bad outweighing the good. We're on an indefinite travel ban, confined within our humble homes, prohibited from social gatherings, dining out, as well as visiting our loved ones. Every announcement scheduled by our authorities now seems like a harbinger of gloom and dread and more restrictions to abide by. While we know it's all for the better good — to keep the community spread on the down low, the general consensus reads a steady negative for the year so far.

But amidst the majority of disgrunted keyboard warriors and restless Tiktokers, lies a microscopic pool of people locking away their rewards reaped from the circuit breaker. Outnumbered by the resistance, it's almost taboo to brag about any silver lining when the world is at war with a dangerous pandemic. But we figured a couple of stories spreading light and postivity could lift some spirits, so here are ten accounts from a couple of Jane and John Does, whose identities have been concealed for good reason.

Circuit Breaker

"The commute from home to work now only takes a few steps. I don't have to put on anything nice nor do I have to work on my face. It's a luxury I would miss once offices open again."

"I'm getting better at cooking everyday. Each meal is exciting now because I get to challenge myself to cook up something different, now that I have more time."

Dumplings cooking at home

"I met someone online. And while most people would urge against it during this period of time, having our first date on a Zoom call was different, in a good way. On that night, we arranged to cook up a similar Italian meal and had dinner virtually together over the call. Probably the first time I got to see a guy's room on a first date. It's been two months and we're still in touch on a regular basis."

"I'm spending most of my time at home and preparing for an eventual move in July. This house holds so many childhood memories for me and I'm glad I get the chance to be in it as much as possible before we say goodbye to it."

"I used to abhor the act of running. It's typically the hardest thing for me to do, but since the circuit breaker, my stamina has improved a great deal. While it's still diffcult, I feel empowered and happy when I go for my evening runs. Probably the effects of cabin fever, but I can safely say I enjoy running now."

Running circuit breaker

"It's hard having quality time with your parents when you're constantly transiting between work and social activities, but I'm thankful for the past two months. We have meals and coffee breaks together everyday and I feel that this time will be a time to cherish once they're no longer around."

"Baby-making time? We have more time for that, and that's always a good thing."

Bed sex

"Did the math and I've saved a total of $800 in a month since the circuit breaker kicked in. This really puts things in perspective on what I've been recklessly spending on."

"This makes me sound like a bad friend. But I don't miss splurging on a friend's wedding, a colleague's baby shower, or a 30th birthday. I'm sorry."


"My booze intake has never been lower and my skin is brighter sans the everyday foundation. Let's just say I'm excited to emerge out from this as a better-looking person."

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