Friends of Buro. share some of their life’s most memorable moments as 2019 draws to a close

Friends of Buro. share some of their life’s most memorable moments as 2019 draws to a close

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Text: Crystal Lee

Whether you're staying in or going out, New Year's Eve almost always involves one — if not all — of these things: drinking champagne, hugging loved ones, and plenty of reflection on the year past. Speaking of champagne, the bubbly dancing in our glasses this holiday season while we reminisce the good times of 2019 is a Moët Impérial... because, well, if it's good enough for Jay Gatsby (yes, it was all Moët in the movie), the world's podiums, and Hollywood's red carpet, it's good enough for us. As we stand at the dawn of a new decade and raise a toast to our biggest takeaways this year, we also got some of our beloved friends to share with us their special moments — so as to remind ourselves there's always something worth celebrating amidst the chaos of life.

Yvette King, host of E! Online Asia

"I'll never forget the moment when my twins were born. When I heard them cry and saw their tiny little faces, I knew right there and then that my husband and I had a huge responsibility on our hands to protect and nurture these tiny little humans. Life as we know it would no longer be about us, but about our family, their happiness and well-being. Our twins didn't just change our lives, but also us as people. They taught us so many things - especially patience and unconditional love. Parenting is tiring (we definitely had more sleep before our babies), but it's truly the most rewarding thing I've ever done."

Camira Asrori, fashion designer and stylist

"Being part of the makeover team on Style Me Now on DIVA TV Asia this year was a dream come true for me. It was truly an amazing experience working with inspiring women like Liv Lo and Sahur Saleim. Another highlight of this year was spending my 24th birthday on a private island with my partner. Although it only had the most basic necessities (we had to cycle to make our own fruit juice!), it was one of the best gifts I've received from her as she had to get out of her comfort zone (plus she hates the sun) for our getaway!"

Russell Ong, TV personality, financial strategist and former national swimmer

"2019 has been excellent. I'm finding great purpose in my career, and that is important because I don't think many people can say with conviction that they love their job. I've also built stronger relationships with loved ones this year. In essence, I'm very happy at this juncture of my life. I'll drink to that!"

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