Best hangover foods, according to the Buro. team

Best hangover foods, according to the Buro. team

The poison and the cure

Text: Janice Sim

When in doubt, food. Yes, even when your head feels like it's being bludgeoned in, or if your clothes are stained with remnants from your most recent belching fiasco. Let's ignore last night's crime of whisky, the real priority is that your mouth feels as dry as a prune and adversely, way too empty.  

Food, like many other occasions will work miracles. Or for some of us, litres of water; well just to cleanse and hopefully undo the calories within. The Buro. team recalls the best remedies they usually turn to after a cheeky night out.


"As a policy, I never get drunk or drink to excess. But after an evening out, I start the morning with two litres of water, having also drunk copious amounts of water after getting in the night before — and a large (read: enormous) portion of bacon and eggs on toast." — Ryan Sng, Fashion Writer

"The last thing I want to do is to eat when I'm hungover. But I force myself to drink a lot of water every now and then, hoping it won't be regurgitated." — Crystal Lee, Marketing & Content Strategist

Drinking water


"A big breakfast, no matter what time of day it is. There's something comforting (and uplifting) about a hot plate of sunny side ups with a side of grilled tomatoes and toasted sourdough. Oh orange juice too. Lots and lots of orange juice — with pulp. It's not juice otherwise." — Jolene Khor, Fashion & Beauty Editor

Big Breakfast

"A big bowl of stir-fried noodles and slabs of sio ba. A combination that I have found to be extremely comforting after partying a little too hard. Scratch that, not just the morning after, I'll have that any day please." — Corinne Cheah, Editorial Intern

"I crave for dim sum more fiercely as compared to my sober self. Something about soup dumplings and deep-fried meesua (that Swee Choon does so well) really hits the spot." — Associate Lifestyle Editor, Janice Sim


"I don't get hangovers. Haters will say it's because of my good Indian genes, but it's actually a result of downing a glass of water every time I have a cocktail throughout the night. It paces my drinking and keeps me hydrated. " — Culture Editor, Aravin Sandran


"My go-to hangover grub? Instant noodles — eaten with my hands because ain't nobody be coherent enough to operate cutlery when intoxicated. Dignity? Nowhere in sight." — Emily Heng, Beauty Writer

Instant noodles


"More alcohol? You'll never feel hungover if you're always drunk." — Vanessa Caitlin, Group Digital Producer 

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