A millennial recounts his wedding at a co-working space during COVID-19

A millennial recounts his wedding at a co-working space during COVID-19

"Weds in 2020"

Text: Janice Sim

Amongst the many facets of what the pandemic had disrupted, the blissful union of soon-to-wed couples was one that perturbed many in Singapore. Perils of lost deposits, postponements, and internal stressors were rife and cited. And as soon as solemnisations were permitted (albeit only at ROM), many proceeded to wed, without the resplendent veil of an elaborate party.

On the other of the coin, however, there are the little wins from having a simplified ceremony. Particularly from the ideals of modern millennials — who wish to marry without the extravagance of a few hundred tables, of which more than half of the seats are attributed to their respective parentals — as they can respectfully shun the drawn-out rituals in the process. All without the grievances and unnecessary drama.

As soon as newly-formed regulations on the wedding status in Singapore came about, 20 people could gather to witness a couple's solemnisation. That was when the Zoom livestreams started lining up. Addie, and his now-wife Michelle, were one of the many couples, who adhered to the unprecedented clauses of a pandemic wedding.

The ceremony was held at Crane, a co-working space — in good ol' millennial fashion — where the couple had already booked prior to COVID-19.

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"We had to adhere to the restrictions of 20 guests, strictly close family, so we set up a livestream for friends and extended relatives to watch the ceremony from the comfort of their own homes. To be honest, the regulations were not difficult to abide to as we always wanted to have a small and simple wedding," said Addie.

A wedding lunch at Crane was supposedly part of the plan, but because of the restrictions of only 5pax for dining, the couple could not proceed with the meal after, and decided to postpone the proper gathering to a later date down the road instead.

There were the obvious frustrations involved as would be expected in a pandemic wedding. Uncertainty was a major factor, with the ever-changing restrictions, when they thought the event at Crane had to be cancelled (when the government allowed solemnisations only at ROM). Then a week after, things lightened up, a last-minute arrangement had to be made back with the venue again.

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Addie remarked: "Wearing a mask was hugely annoying. But all in all, it was a definitely a day that we were happy with, as we have always been against the idea of traditional wedding and their cumbersome processes. If there's anything we could change, it would be to have more relatives and friends physically around to share the joy with us."

*Names have been altered in the story.