24/7 in Singapore: Chopard's Caroline Scheufele fantasises about her ideal day out

24/7 in Singapore: Chopard's Caroline Scheufele fantasises about her ideal day out

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Text: Karishma Tulsidas

Work trips for Chopard's Caroline Scheufele consist of back-to-back meetings, with nary a free minute. But should the artistic director and co-president of the Geneva-based brand have a full 24 hours in Singapore with no agenda, what would be the seven things she'd do? One can always dream...

Local designer Ong Shunmugam melds Asian influences with modern silhouettes

Caroline Scheufele: "The first thing I'd like to do is discover some young designers in fashion."
Buro suggests: Buro.Singapore's fashion editor Jolene Khor suggests taking a jaunt to up-and-coming fashion enclave Chip Bee Gardens. There, Scheufele will discover the works of homegrown brands such as Ong Shunmugam, Bynd Artisans, Our Second Nature and more.  

CS: "Visit the small, local galleries where modern Singapore artists showcase their art."
Buro suggests: Gillman Barracks, no doubt. The former colonial barracks houses local galleries such as Chan + Hori and Yeo Workshop, as well as international bigwigs including Sundaram Tagore and Pearl Lam.

Gorgeous orchids at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

CS: "I would definitely want to go back to the Singapore Botanic Gardens to see the orchids."
Buro suggests: After Scheufele is done spotting the colourful varietals named after foreign celebrities and dignitaries, she can stop for lunch at Michelin-starred restaurant The Corner House for a delectable, "gastro-botanica" meal set within a 1910 colonial house.

Anish Kapoor's Void is one of the artworks on display at the Minimalism exhibition

CS: "Visit a museum!"
Buro suggests: The ArtScience Museum, without a doubt, has some of the most exciting exhibitions in Singapore. The current Minimalism: Space. Light. Object exhibitions occuring concurrently at the ArtScience Museum and National Gallery might prove to be a treasure trove of inspiration for the jewellery designer.

CS: "Definitely a boat trip around Singapore!"
Buro suggests: Post museum, Scheufele can hop on a cruise on the Singapore river for sundowners - there's no better way to rest her tired feet than with a champagne in hand and taking in the epic view of Singapore's skyline at sunset.

CS: "Chilli crab, for sure."
Buro suggests: It's pretty much Singapore's de facto national dish, so there's no dearth of restaurants serving chilli crab here. But in our humble opinion, Long Beach beats the competition hands-down. Cue the outraged gasps and animated discussion: discuss below, guys, on what's your favourite chilli crab haunt.

CS: "Hang out in a club with good music."
Buro suggests: We know, it's so Crazy Rich Asian-cliched, but c'mon, does the view get any better than at Ce La Vi?

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