Yolo Run 2016: Would you run shirtless for a good cause?

Yolo Run 2016: Would you run shirtless for a good cause?


Text: Denise Kok

Image: Getty Images

Dare to bare

Last November, thousands of women abandoned their tops and hit the pavement with only their sports bras on. No, they weren't Femen activists, but these participants at the inaugural YOLO Run were certainly gunning for a good cause.

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Back for its second year running, the 2016 edition of the YOLO Run is set to take place on 22 October from 8am to noon. This time around, X-Change Republic, the good folk behind YOLO Run, have partnered with NGO Breast Reconstruction Awareness Singapore (BRAS), to not only work up a sweat, but also raise awareness for the process of breast reconstruction, an option available to patients who have undergone a mastectomy in their fight against breast cancer. For these patients, the healing process is aided by the usage of sports bras – and here's where you can play a part. 

For each participant who chooses to run shirtless at the YOLO Run, X-Change Republic will donate a sports bra to BRAS. Whether you choose the 5km or 10km route, you'll get a much needed post-run stretch at a complimentary outdoor yoga session led by yoga instructor Liv Lo

YOLO Run 2016. 22 October. 8am to 12pm.