On our lust list: These boho chic yoga mats from La Vie Boheme Yoga

On our lust list: These boho chic yoga mats from La Vie Boheme Yoga

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Text: Denise Kok

Image: La Vie Boheme Yoga

The next best thing to rolling out a Persian rug for your yoga session

It's good practice to change your yoga mat every six months and we know exactly what we're going to be striking our warrior poses on once ours is due for a replacement. In lieu of mono-coloured mats, we'll swap ours for a welcome burst of colour and patterns best exemplified by these gorgeous creations from La Vie Boheme Yoga. 

La Vie Boheme Yoga

Founded by Yvette Charlton and Michaela Moryskova, La Vie Boheme Yoga is a brand built for the girl with flowers in her hair. The freewheelin' aesthetic of their mats are not made with the minimalist in mind. Drawing upon Aztec, Persian, and even French influences, the bohemian-leaning designs are imbued with vibrant colours that give each mat a fresh, contemporary skin. 

La Vie Boheme Yoga

The mats, made from a latex-free and non-toxic PVC material, have been spotted off the shoulders of celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Lea Michele. While the company might be based in Los Angeles, you can still own your little slice of heaven as they ship to Singapore as well. 

For more information, visit La Vie Boheme Yoga