Fitness review: Xtend Barre workshop

Fitness review: Xtend Barre workshop

Poise and power

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Looking to pull off a semblance of elegance while still sweating? Upside Motion’s Xtend Barre is the workout you’ll love

The lowdown: It's a long-held myth that you can look good while exercising but with Xtend Barre, you might just put that 'wheezing-and-dying' look behind you for good. A power workout tagged as the hottest Hollywood weight loss regime that combines fast-paced cardio with muscle training, think of it as Pilates-meets-ballet, given the seal of approval by celebs such as Margot Robbie and Jennifer Hawkins.

Available locally at award-winning fitness studio Upside Motion, a good dose of upbeat dance music accompanies the class for an invigorating and dynamic routine to target and work all the muscle groups. Deep in the throes of a good Xtend Barre workout, you'll also utilise weights, straps, balls and resistance bands to train your body proportionately to get that lean and sculpted physique sported by svelte ballerinas. Plus the constructive and mood-boosting ambience creates a great social session that allows you to bond with your fellow fitness mates.

Xtend Barre at Upside Motion

What I loved about the class: Being that it was a roomful of media folks (in other words, generally unfit people), our class was tailored to suit beginners that eased us into Xtend Barre with just the right amount of stretch and burn. As shared by our trainer post-workout and copious guzzling of coconut water later, each class is assessed and adjusted to the experience level of the attendees, so fret not even if you're the most inflexible person you know. Whilst fun and interactive, you'll be able to feel the fruits of your labour, so to speak, in the form of a good ache the following day — in places heretofore unknown — indicates you've had a really effective workout.

Xtend Barre at Upside Motion

It's great for: Ladies and gents who've ever fancied themselves in Natalie Portman's ballet slippers alà Black Swan (or non-slip socks, in this case), those who love to work up a fine sweat without the gasping breaths, and even seasoned fitness junkies looking for a new fusion workout to try. Also ideal for the busy workaholic, with the studio conveniently located in the CBD district for a quick lunchtime fitness fix. And if you've been planning to have an exercise party, Xtend Barre's cosy session with a headcount of around ten or twelve per class is an excellent mixer to gather your friends and family for.


Name of session: Xtend Barre
Try it out here: Upside Motion
Duration of session: 55 minutes
What to expect: Exercise mats and equipment, with resistance and stretching sets interspersed with ballet positions and movements
Difficulty: Anywhere between novice to ultimate stretch master, according to your experience