The foolproof workout you need for slimmer thighs

The foolproof workout you need for slimmer thighs

Leg day all day

Text: Janice Sim

18 minutes of your time for hotter gams? We're sold

Let's be honest, not all of us are born with legs of a Victoria's Secret model, but the least we can do is try. After all, what separates us from attaining slim, toned glutes is essentially the right kind of workout. So if you're looking to work your way to an enviable lower half, simply make this 18-minute sweat sesh a regular in your life. Crafted by Fitness First's Fitness Training Manager, Nuno Fidalgo, this circuit training workout is a lethal combination of HIIT and strength-based exercises for the lower body. Quit stalling — leg day starts tomorrow.

3 rounds of 5 stations in an 'AMRAP' fashion (as many repetitions as possible for the given exercise within the allocated time frame). Remember to take a minute of rest before moving on to the next round.

1st station: Squat jumps

Bend your knees like how you would when doing a squat, followed by a single jump. Do these squat jumps repeatedly for one minute.

2nd station: Single leg deadlift

Hold a kettlebell in one hand, hanging to the side. Stand on one leg on the same side where the kettlebell is being held. By keeping that knee slightly bent, lower the deadlift to the ground while bending at the hip and extending your free leg behind you for balance. Once the free leg is parallel to the ground, return to upright position and repeat the motion for one minute.

Workouts to slim your legs down

3rd station: Side to side high knee jogs

Jog on the spot and lift your knees as high as you can. Do this repeatedly for one minute.

4th station: Split lunge to squat combo

Alternate between squats and lunges — do this repeatedly for one minute.

Workouts to slim your legs down

5th station: Step ups with dumbbells

Stand up straight while holding dumbbells in each hand. Place the right foot on a bench or a sturdy chair, and slowly apply pressure on the left heel to lift the rest of your body up. After which, step down with your left leg and return to the original standing postion. Do this repeatedly for one minute. 

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