Where to keep your phone during a run (and not drop): Running belt, armband, waist strap, and more

Where to keep your phone during a run (and not drop): Running belt, armband, waist strap, and more

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Text: Anna Aye

Technology has made it such that we can store almost anything in our phones. You won’t ever have to hold your wallet, keys or your cards separately when you leave the house. It’s just that much easier to have an all-in-one device that compresses everything for your utmost convenience.

But while our phones can be easily stashed into our bags or back pockets when we head out, things get a little trickier when one goes out for a run. Having to hold your phone throughout your run can be a major distraction from the grind, not to mention the dangers of having it slip out of our sweaty hands (been there, done that). Well, here's more than just one way to store your phone — however you prefer.

For easy access:

This wristband with zippered pockets keeps your phone close to you while you run, ensuring that it doesn’t slip out during your runs. Don’t worry about that awful chafing and friction burn, either. Their soft, comfortable material lets you focus on your run.

Buy it here: Spig's Phone Banjees with 2 Pockets

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For those who want extra security:

The Flipbelt is just the right thing for you if you want security while you workout. This affordable product goes right around your waist and keeps your valuables from falling out or rattling inside of the belt compartment. What’s more: it comes in different waist sizes and stretches to accommodate your desired fit.

Buy it here: FlipBelt

For a little extra room:

If you’ve got even more valuables that you want to carry on your run, the Stashbandz has the right product for you. Comprising two large pockets in their waist pack that can apparently fit a flask, this band fits snugly over your waist and prevents your items from jiggling around too much.

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Buy it here: Stashbands Running Waist Pack

For a step above the regular:

This phone armband fits nicely over the contours of your arm, without that weird, stiff plastic film that most armbands have. It’s wide enough to fit bigger devices, and is made from a soft, stretchy material that doesn’t compromise on your performance.

Buy it here: E Tronic Edge Universal Phone Armband

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For the busy bee:

Got an urgent text in the middle of your run? These running armbands are detachable and have full 360-degree rotation so you can swivel them around to reply to texts in a heartbeat. Their lycra and neoprene fabrics also give you a comfortable and lightweight running experience.

Buy it here: VUP Running Armband

For zero bounce:

This belt promises to keep your phone secure without any bouncing or rattling. Made of Spandex, it’s perfect for indoor or outdoor running. The soft elastic also prevents chafing, no matter how rigorous your run is.

Buy it here: SPIbelt Running Belt

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