Watch: A couple's workout that you can take anywhere around the world


Text: Janice Sim

The couple who works out together, stays together

Building a strong relationship as a couple is all about supporting one another, even when times are tough. We're talking about moments when you're holding up a 45-second plank or gritting teeth in between squats. Working up a sweat with your significant other could be the best form of support (be it physical or emotional) and a major motivational boost to achieve the best versions of yourselves. Best versions in the form of a hotter sculpted bod, that is. 

Watch Bryan Tay and Victoria Martin (who are married in real life) from boOm Singapore work up a sweat in a special workout that you can take anywhere — even when you're on vacation. Think flirtatious partner taps and a dynamic trust game that works your gams — this effective sweat sesh will help you burn calories while heating things up between the both of you. Win, win. 

A 5-round, total body workout; from warm ups to strength, endurance and core.

2 backpacks filled with suitable weights, i.e. books, water bottles etc.  

No more than 20 minutes.
*Note: Time allocated for each workout is just a general gauge. It can vary depending on your personal fitness level.

3 Mins: Warm-up with partner taps 
**Mix it up! If your partner is much fitter than you, have him/her use only one arm instead of two.

1 min — Shoulder taps
1 min — Knee taps
1 min — Shoulder taps

4 Mins: Strength Set
3 Rounds of 6 Reps per exercise. Adjust weight accordingly.

6 Reps x Backpack deadlift + high pull
6 Reps x Backpack front squats 
6 Reps x Backpack shoulder presses

4 Mins: High Intensity Interval Tabata Set
8 reps x 20 seconds work per exercise, 10 seconds recovery between reps.

Mountain climbers + Partner hop-over jumps
(Switch partner positions once 4 reps are done)

3 Mins: Core
3 rounds of the following 2 exercises, 15 seconds recovery in between rounds. Adjust backpack weight accordingly.

45 secs — High planks
10 reps x High planks + Lateral backpack pulls

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Creative Producer: Vanessa Caitlin
Videography: Justin Chen
Video Editor: Hazirah Rahim
Colour Grading: David Bay