Upcoming 2019 runs anyone can take part in: Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, The Color Run, and more

Upcoming 2019 runs anyone can take part in: Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, The Color Run, and more

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Text: Marielle Solano

Sometimes, despite fervid new years' resolutions to finally achieve all the aspirational fitness goals we've set for as long as we can remember, it's hard to find the inner motivation to live up to our own expectations. And we're all familiar with that running joke (pun intended) likening those who love cardio to masochists who thrive on pain – but maybe their secret lies not just in personal willpower and discipline. Maybe it's a more concrete manifestation of working towards something... like conquering a fun run, perhaps? They say that those who suffer together form a bond unlike any other, so we've compiled a list of torturous running activities you and a loved one can go conquer. And hey, there's something for everyone, so we suggest registering before you have a chance to talk yourself out of it.

STGR UGlow Marathon

For the runner who loves taking the more scenic, bumpier routeSTGR UGlow Marathon 2019, the green race

Long-distance running requires immense focus and discipline, but it's somehow also calming at the same time. That could be why scenic routes tend to feel refreshing, and running among tall trees and lush greenery seems to have an innate ability to remove every ounce of lethargy in our bodies. Good news is the STGR Uglow Marathon has done us a solid with planning their routes in sunny Coney Island with a hybrid trail-road challenge, from 10 kilometre distances to full marathon ones. Plus, it happens just a day before Father's Day, so maybe jio your old man for a run before indulging in that enormous Father's Day dinner this year.

Date: 15 Jun 2019
Register on their website now.

Run For Inclusion 2019
For the runner who runs for a cause
Running Hour's Run for Inclusion, run so others can, run to bond

Organised by Running Hour, this race is one that participants "run so others can", as the tagline of the organisation goes. Through the accessible medium of mainstream sports, taking part in this would be a pledge in support of a more inclusive Singapore for special-needs individuals. And they're not just all talk either – Run For Inclusion remains the only race in our shores in which participants run side-by-side other runners with special needs, as a true testament to anti-ableist sentiments. So they've really presented us with a two-birds-one-stone scenario: we can all get fit together and display solidarity with our fellow humans at the same time.

Date: 27 Jul 2019
Register on their website now.

Craze Ultra 2019
For the more serious running enthusiasts and budding pro-runners

We get that our hobbies sometimes mean more to us than the average past-time. If yours is running and you really want to take it to the next level, this run may be for you. With distances up to 101 kilometres, the marathon options available at this high-intensity event will challenge your mind and body to its absolute limits. If you're an aspirational runner, running the 101 kilometre route and finishing under 22 hours will make you a contender for the 2020 Western States Edurance Run of 100 miles. As they say, don't let your dreams be dreams – if you want it, run for it.

Date: 12 Oct 2019
Register on their website now.

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2019
For the runner who does best with a run buddy

One of the largest runs organised in Singapore, the annual Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon will definitely ensure you get your cardio going amongst thousands of likeminded fitness enthusiasts. It attracts over 40,000 runners yearly for good reason: it has the most race categories catered to the goals and challenge levels participants desire, with options including full marathons, half marathons, a 10km or 5km route (good for a family run), and even a Kids Dash just for the young'uns who are bustling with energy. Also, if you already have your own run buddies, the Toyota Ekidan challenge invites groups of five to participate in a team relay totalling 42.195 kilometres. Whatever you want, Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon provides.

Date: 29 Nov - 1 Dec 2019
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The Color Run
For the runner who can't commit
The Color Run Singapore, Hero Tour

Even those not in the running community might have heard of this hugely popular race. The Color Run remains an easy favorite for people from all walks of life because it doesn't take itself too seriously, and participating in it is a guaranteed opportunity for you to just let loose. There's something about having colored powder thrown in your face that brings your inner child out, encouraging you to continue running on while giggling gleefully. Disclaimer: you're not necessarily expected to run full-out in this challenge, as you'll find lots of people strolling along and taking IG stories of their messy, multi-colored, vibrant states. But then again, health and fitness and all that...

Date: TBC
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