UBX Singapore fitness review: Australia's boxing and strength training franchise lands in Holland Village

UBX Singapore fitness review: Australia's boxing and strength training franchise lands in Holland Village

New kid on the block

Text: Janice Sim

The lowdown: It's a fitness franchise from Australia that's more commonly known as 12RND Fitness back home. And naturally your mind goes through flashbacks of a session at F45. Well, not quite. UBX (verbalised as YOU-BOX) Training adapts a 12-round structure, each lasting three minutes with 30 seconds of rest in between. The bite is that there is no fixed timing for a class to start. Your session begins as soon as you get in (as each new round starts every three minutes), accompanied by a trainer who oversees the entire circuit with you from start to end. At every round or rather station, you'll get a mix of boxing, strength, and cardio exercises that have been designed by sports scientists to maximise the full 45-minute session. Workouts will change everyday and will progress from strength, cardio, core, if you're sticking around for a month. The very first Singapore outpost was compact yet spacious enough for all of the equipment to be displayed at their individual stations. Our coach, Nik, took us through the entire session, albeit a little haphazardly, which resulted in a little confusion during pair work as the seconds ticked by. I loved the variation of movements and the range of eqiupment that was available — from kettlebells to maize balls to weight sleds to rowers. Along the way, the coach constantly spots you to check your form, which I appreciated. I did wish my instructor could have been more engaging and sensitive when it came to our personal fitness stamina, just so he could have been there to recommend weights that were better suited for every individual. For the most part, he seemed impatient, which could be daunting for folks who have not worked out in a while.

UBx training

What I loved about the class: It went by in a blink of an eye. The format and the intensity of the various workouts were cleverly structured that every three minutes felt brief, despite some challenging stations that were designed to push your buttons. You won't see the seconds tick by, as there is no countdown. The only indication to sum up the end of a round would be the blinking light above, which would turn to red.


What to bring: Bring your own bath towel, boxing wraps if you have them, shower and shampoo gels, and a water bottle.

Good to know: Those with no boxing experience will be taken through a quick rundown of the basic punches. Unfortunately, the showers aren't the most equipped. With just one stall and hardly any amentities, it's best to bring your own. That is, if you really need to get a shower in.


Try it out here: UBX Holland Village
Duration of session: 45 minutes
Difficulty: Moderate