The best TikTok fitness influencers to add to your FYP now: @blogilates, @ulissesworld, @the.littlebeast and more

The best TikTok fitness influencers to add to your FYP now: @blogilates, @ulissesworld, @the.littlebeast and more

Fit in a minute

Text: Azrin Tan

Circuit breaker of 2020 brought about one very beneficial means of passing our time: home workouts. After all, with complete full-body workouts on YouTube and the likes of Chloe Ting (albeit controversial), promising miracle-standard 2 week shreds, the online fitness space didn't seem like such a bad option for those who unwilling to fork out money for Zoom classes. But hey if you're looking for free fitness inspo, YouTube isn't the only place where it's at. The world of TikTok is a definite contender — especially when it comes to getting us up on our feet, even if it's just to try a cool new move you're seeing on the minute-long reel. And TBH? Whilst we were scrolling through the crevices of our For You pages (and trying not to get distracted) to find the best fitspo inspo, we were genuinely impressed at how much could be done in such a short amount of time. Ready to get moving to a fun beat? Start curating your FYP with only the best, below.



Day 1 of ##21daytone. Have fun ##blogilates ##pilates ##fitness ##homeworkout ##athomeworkout ##getfit ##fitnessroutine ##gymroutine ##workoutchallenge ##fit

♬ Body - Megan Thee Stallion

It's no surprise that this famed fitness Youtuber has officially made her way into the realm of TikTok. After all, it is but another means of social media that she can produce her solid content on, and guess the challenge for her is to get it all in under 60 seconds this time around. Expect fitness challenges, simple exercises to put on loop and easy yet healthy food recipes!



Low back tightness? It might be your Psoas muscle! You can release it with this exercise ##fyp ##backpainrelief ##imokay ##holidaytiktok

♬ original sound - sarah

She calls herself TikTok's Fitness Princess and she might as well be. She's young, fearless and most importantly, loves herself and her body. It's everything you'll need in the modern day fitness influencer: from her bold topless push-up videos shot from the back to her show of bloatedness after a meal. And of course, she's got all the tips and tricks up her sleeves to make sure you're doing the workouts in good form.



Happy Sunday fam!! Here are a few of my fav plank variations that really work your core!! Let me know if you try any of them :) ##RaisedBy ##workout

♬ Stunnin' (feat. Harm Franklin) - Curtis Waters

What's fitness without a healthy balance of wholesome food? Jen Selter's got the booty moves, the casual humor of screwing up a workout move, and the health foods to beat. Oh, and don't forget a side of dog and hilarious appearances from her family members.



@boandtee #gymlife #fyp #fitnessgirl #fitness

♬ Where Is The Love? - The Black Eyed Peas

Two words: fitness fun. And this babe is definitely bringing the fun to the table as her feed is a mesh of focused workouts, as well as relatable jokes of being a fitness chick, or any chick for that matter. Expect fresh challenges with every new video, especially those including weighted ones at the gym.



Some upper body staples ##girlswholift ##armday ##girlswhopowerlift ##fitnessgirl ##musclegirl ##gymshark @gymshark ##gymmotivation

♬ How You Like That - BLACKPINK

Don't let her size fool you, because she may be little but she calls herself a beast for a reason. Considering her taut bod and her status as a powerlifter, you are definitely in good hands. Follow her if you want in on the lifting techniques to note when you hit the gym.



Burn off some calories with this partner core workout! No gym, no problem! Let’s train! (TAG Your Partner) ##learnontiktok ##workout ##abs ##fyp

♬ WATERMELON - Mannywellz

Look here boys, because this is one male fitness instructor on TikTok we can definitely get behind. His content is wholesome and professional when it comes to teaching everyone about movement variations, has a good mix of humor, and most importantly, a show of #couplegoals with his wife.