TFX by True Group graces Funan with tech-enabled training, featuring equipment from Myzone, Matrix Strength Ultra Series, Ziva, Eleiko and more

TFX by True Group graces Funan with tech-enabled training, featuring equipment from Myzone, Matrix Strength Ultra Series, Ziva, Eleiko and more

Hustle harder

Text: Marielle Solano

We're all thoroughly impressed with True Group by this point – if their commercial success tells us anything (think 23 clubs across Singapore and Taiwan, along with more centers to come), they've officially established themselves as many of our go-to fitness and yoga gurus. Especially with the progressive TFX – Xtraordinary Fitness in Singapore's latest glorified comeback, Funan, our heads snapped to the two-level branch in rapt attention.

TFX Xtraordinary Fitness, TFX Funan

What's new?

A lot. Along with a promise to do the research so their members will always be armed with the best that fitness tech can offer, TFX has a model for fitness sustainability that's admirably consumer-centric. Their focus is simple: get you the body you desire. And the way to do that, according to them, is through tuning into metabolic, strength, restoration and variability conditioning so your achievements can stay with you in the long run. Of course, it doesn't hurt that their premises are fully stocked with first-rate equipment. Read: Matrix Strength Ultra Series (the first gym in Singapore to employ this top-notch resistance training contraption), Concept 2's Ski ERGs and rowers (lauded as seriously underrated cardio options), Rogue and Eleiko both providing apparatus for the weightlifters, and Life Fitness IC6 spinning bikes lining the separate intimate spin studio. At first glance, the space, which could be easily construed as a nexus of random equipment all housed under one roof, is actually the result of careful, deliberate selection – because why tie yourself down to one cutting-edge brand if the best of the best hail from several of them?TFX Xtraordinary Fitness, TFX Funan

In the same spirit of innovative fitness practices, one of the most distinctive privileges TFX offers is the Myzone system – a heart rate monitor taken to the next level, with cloud technology casting your heart rate live on the big screens in all of their rooms so you're always aware of how your body is doing. Since the heart rates of your workout companions are broadcasted up on screen along with your own, consider it friendly competition (just as we did) – the person who pushes themselves to maintain a red or yellow zone heart rate for the longest wins. That aside, the encouraging trainers would be the first to jump up and tell you to take it easy if you're close to straining yourself too much. Indeed, safety first.TFX Xtraordinary Fitness, TFX Funan

What working out there feels like

Those same trainers, as cheery as they are, won't stand for the lack of effort. They have three class categories (not including yoga, spin, and other such group exercises) – ATHLETICX, METCONX, and STRONGX. The various types of interval training we tried out were made much more bearable with the instructors' helpful voices coaxing us to keep going as they counted down the seconds for us. Their hawk eyes also surveyed the real-time heart rates onscreen too – so if anyone gets a little bit too comfortable... let's just say they'll give you a little more attention for a while.TFX Xtraordinary Fitness, TFX Funan

Unwinding is such sweet relief

Before you rush off to the showers post-workout, we encourage your aching muscles to take a venture out to their outdoor swim deck and pool. A dip might be in order if you really want to embody languid post-workout relaxation. Even your hair can get some love here from the Dyson hairdryers stocked in both the male and female bathrooms, just to make sure you look as fresh as you feel when you strut out of TFX triumphantly with a healthy glow, no less. TFX Xtraordinary Fitness, TFX Funan pool

Membership prices at TFX Funan starts from S$138/month (GST not yet included). Each member gets a complimentary MZ1 heart-rate monitor from Myzone upon signup, and a discounted upgrade to an MZ3 device is also available. Visit their website for more information.