Quick fix: Asian-inspired quinoa flavour packs

Quick fix: Asian-inspired quinoa flavour packs

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Text: Buro. Singapore

Image: Superlife Co.

Whip up dinner in 10 minutes

Love it or hate it, quinoa is here to stay. It has been around long enough such that one cannot dismiss it as a mere superfood fad. A wheat-free alternative to starchy grains, quinoa seeds fluff up when cooked. Bite into them and you'll find that they hold their shape with a slight crunch. When cooked in a flavourful stock, the versatile grain soaks up plenty of flavour, so the arrival of Superlife Co.'s flavoured quinoa packs are a welcome addition for anyone looking to whip up a virtuous meal that doesn't skimp on the taste factor. 

For homegrown company Superlife Co., quinoa forms the perfect base to showcase a range of familiar Asian flavours. The Thai Green Curry Quinoa pack, for example, combines quinoa with Kaffir lime leaves, coriander, chilli flakes, basil, garlic, dried mushroom, and a touch of salt to mirror the aromatic flavours of this Thai classic. One simply has to empty the entire sachet into a pot of water and cook the quinoa until it fluffs up. Love kimchi or Indian-inspired curries? They have quinoa flavour packs for that, too. 

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