Stressed out? Plug into Headspace, a meditation app that truly works

Stressed out? Plug into Headspace, a meditation app that truly works

Mind over matter

Text: Denise Kok

Image: Headspace,
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Meditation 101 for the modern man

Meditation, as with yoga, has increasingly found its way into our modern-day vernacular. It is no longer just a conduit for spiritual enlightenment; it is a byword for coping with such urban maladies as anxiety, depression, and stress. It is no surprise that C-Suite executives and notable world leaders including the late Lee Kuan Yew have cited meditation as an integral part of their lives. 

The ancient practice might be grounded in spiritual roots, but Headspace — a meditation app that has been making waves on iTunes — has taken the wisdom of the practice and distilled it into broader, secular applications that make it easy for anyone to digest. With Headspace, you don't have to check yourself into an ashram to tame your mind. The meditation sessions, which range anywhere from two minutes to an hour, can be accessed via your browser or an app on your iphone.

It's easy to see why Headspace has amassed a devout following. Founded by Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk, the app aims to make meditation simple and relevant for modern living — and it does. You begin with a free, 10-day program that eases you into the basics of meditation. Thereafter, you can choose to tame your mind across various aspects of your life, be it relationships, work, or health. There are even SOS sessions to plug into if you find yourself on the cusp of a meltdown. The prescriptive approach of the app might run contrary to meditation in its purest form, but it makes it incredibly accessible to the casual practitioner. It essentially serves its purpose of imparting proven meditation and mindfulness techniques without drawing spirituality into the equation. For an app that has dubbed itself as a "gym membership for the mind", Headspace serves as a timely reminder that we need to invest some time to look inward in order to fortify our minds. 

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