5 lessons I learnt from tackling the Spartan Race Singapore 2016

5 lessons I learnt from tackling the Spartan Race Singapore 2016

Mind over matter

Text: Liv Lo

Liv Lo locks into the 25-obstacle Super leg of the Spartan Race Singapore 2016 and shares her advice for aspiring Spartanites

1. Run with a friend

Your comrade will motivate you and you'll enjoy it more. For gals, we get to give each other a helping hand, which makes a big difference if your upper body strength is not quite there yet. You can also learn from their technique, especially if they know a trick or two. Everyone ends up dirty and sweaty, so have fun and cheer each other on.  

2. Technique matters

Obstacles such as the javelin throw might seem deceptively easy but require plenty of finesse to master. When it came to this challenge, it was no longer a matter of strength or endurance but of aim and balance. Those who took the time to brush up on their throwing skills managed to avoid the gruelling 30-burpee penalty the rest of us endured for each missed throw. 

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3. Be prepared to get wet

The most difficult challenge for myself was the bath — a gritty trough of water in which we had to dunk our head and body under. It didn't rain this year, but the dirt and grass accumulated from a thousand Spartans before me poised a sanitation issue. Nevertheless, I dunked and survived. 

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4. Gloves and leggings are your best friends

You will be crawling on the floor and hoisting yourself up wooden walls. Protect your skin from calluses and tearing by wearing protective gear to shield your hands and knees.

5. Revel in your victory

When you enter the race, you truly have no idea if you will cross the finishing line, so victory comes especially sweet. You can't help but feel immense pride and joy on completing the race. Take photos, do a victory dance, then pamper yourself with a massage and good meal afterwards. You truly believe that you're stronger than your fears and feel ready tackle this all over again next year. 


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