This Sony headset doubles up as a music player and personal trainer

A stylish, multi-purpose device

This Sony headset doubles up as a music player and personal trainer
From music to training plans, Sony’s latest Smart B-Trainer headset has your workout regime covered

It's tough climbing out of bed for an early morning run, but Sony's new gadget might just give you the motivation to do just that. Waterproof and designed with a band that loops behind your head for a snug fit, the Smart B-Trainer makes for a nifty exercise companion.

Sony Smart B-Trainer

Built to maximise your running experience, the headset records useful data outside of the standard distance and time. It tracks your heart rate, the calories you've burnt, your running pace, and more. If you're one to match your music to your pace, the Smart B-Trainer will do just that for you too.

Impressively, the headset also provides voice instructions to coach you through a diverse range of built-in training plans. Whether you're planning to build endurance or burn calories, the smart device tracks your speed and heart rate and prompts you to vary your speed accordingly. 

Sony Smart B-Trainer

Looking to chart your progress? There's an accompanying app for that. Dubbed 'Smart B-Trainer for Running', the app allows you to compare results from your past workouts and is available for Android and iOS devices.

The Smart B-Trainer will be available from 11 June at all Sony Stores, Sony Centres and selected Sony authorised dealers

Text: Varsha Sivaram

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