A smart diet tracker that's incredibly easy to use

A smart diet tracker that's incredibly easy to use

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A hassle-free way to document your meals

Reaching your fitness goals is hard work. Think early mornings at the gym, calorie-counting at every meal, and inconsiderate friends who eat their fried chicken in your face. The road to healthy living is truly long and very, very lonely. Needless to say, each calorie you put into your body counts. Short of looking up nutrition charts and googling every morsel you put into your body, simply download Lose It, a health and fitness app that recently rolled out a new feature to make calorie-tracking a cinch. 

The new feature, dubbed Snap It, kicks into gear when you take or upload a photo of a dish. The app then harnesses image recognition technology to breakdown the nutritional value of the meal. Besides picking up on specific ingredients, Snap It allows users to refine each entry to account for portion size so the app can arrive at a more precise reading. 

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Calories aren't the only metric the app tracks. Nutritional breakdowns of each dish include saturated fat, cholesterol, fiber, sugars, and protein, meaning you walk away with a more holistic picture of what you're putting into your body. 

Available for iPhone and Andriod