Smart jump rope Lifeflow by KaHa will help you work out from home

Smart jump rope Lifeflow by KaHa will help you work out from home

Jump-start your fitness plan

Text: Evan Mua

Do you remember the last time you skipped rope? Yes, that was probably way back. Amidst the sea of ClassPass workouts and innovative gyms that are breaking the mould of fitness everyday, we've left skipping to be part of the distant past, right next to monkey bars and seesaws. But by doing so, have we actually been missing out? We're talking about effective cardio, and possibly an alternative journey to weight loss without leaving our homes.

Research has shown that seven minutes of skipping rope is equivalent to a whopping thirty minutes of jogging; it places 30% less strain on your knee joints, and is also good for improving bone density. A study by Harvard Health Publishing also found that thirty minutes of skipping rope burns more calories than even high intensity sports such as tennis. More importantly, you can easily pick it up any time at home, and even just integrate a small part of it into your daily routines.

Lifeflow KaHa

Given that it's 2019, the average skipping rope has been recaliberated to a smart piece of equipment — like Lifeflow, recently launched by KaHa, a company known for its extensive range of smart wearables ranging from watches to T-shirts. Lifeflow is a smart skipping rope with sensors embedded in the handles, enabling collection of your biometric data whilst you skip. Simply download the app, pair it with the Lifeflow, it will show you the time and number of skips as you're jumping through the rope. And if any smart watch as already taught us, all that data goes into good use — a stronger motivation to unfurl as you power through the burn.

lifeflow app overview

With all that tabulated, the app stores helpful metrics for each session such as your workout intensity, heart rate and calories burn. That way, you'll be able to plan your workout routines even more efficiently to attain your goals. The device itself, is light and witholds a good grip, while accented with tassels hanging off the ends. A design choice that was made to appeal to the ladies — an audience that KaHa decided would benefit most from the skipping rope — as its main functions dabble with toning and improving bone density.

Don't be surprised if you see it in your resident gym, the folks from KaHa are currently in talks to make the collab happen. Meanwhile, we might just sieve out our skipping rope from a childhood box to get back into the groove.

LifeFlow is available now on Lazada in colours of oriental purple, cyan blue and neon green.