Self-defense for women: Tips from UFC World Champion Miesha Tate at Evolve MMA in SIngapore

Self-defense for women: Tips from UFC World Champion Miesha Tate at Evolve MMA in SIngapore

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Text: Janice Sim

Singapore's a safe place. It's a city where we don't think twice about walking in a dark alley in the wee hours in the morning, or taking the last bus or train after a tipsy night out with our girlfriends. But there's always 'what if' — the sliver of chance that danger or an unfortunate situation might strike at that exact moment when our guard is down. As females, we know better than to let that happen. So in a crash course with UFC World Champion and one of the greatest female mixed martial artists, Miesha Tate at Evolve MMA Singapore, we learnt a few tricks that could hinder the chances of your potential attacker. Some might even inflict serious pain — so use these moves wisely, and selectively.

If he or she grabs you by the hair...

Use the arm that's closest to your attacker to hook it underneath his or hers. It should resemble a firm uppercut. This impact will loosen the grip he or she has on your hair, and even inflicing a little bit of pain. Right after, use the other free hand either punch the attacker in the face or push his body down to the ground.

If he or she puts you in a chokehold...

Make sure your lower body is firm and strong — bend your knees if you need to. Grip the arm that's currently choking you and slide your body towards his or her palm and push his or her lower body to disengage. If the attacker is still latched on to you, go for a knee kick to the ribs.

If he or she pins you down...

Do not attempt to lift his or her hands up, you'll end up burning lot of energy. Use your strength as a woman in your hips and lower body instead. Buck up your hips by lifting them up off the ground, you'll see that your attacker's shoulders are going over his or her wrists, which makes it easy for you to wriggle free from the grip. The movement should be like making a snow angel. From here, grab the attacker's body by hugging him or her close in a grip. Use one of your feet to press down on his or her foot, while doing the same thing with the hand on the same side. While you have him in a lockdown, use your other arm to push his shoulder so much so that you both roll over together, with you pinning him or her down instead.

If all else fails...

Aim for the eyes, throat and groin. These three areas will inflict the most pain, and can give you some time to break free or call for help.

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