#SaturdaySessions: Pre-natal yoga with Bella Koh

Bump and grind

#SaturdaySessions: Pre-natal yoga with Bella Koh
Food stylist Bella Koh brings pregnancy fitness up a notch and inspires us with her strong yoga moves

It can't be easy carrying a baby bump around a heated room, but Bella Koh makes it look like light work in her hot yoga routine. If you've been following her on Instagram, you'll know what we mean — we've been impressed by her strength of mind and agile body. So go ahead, drop the excuses, and get physical. 


1. "A three-legged chantarunga to work on strengthening the arms and core."

Bella Koh

2.  "A side plank pose builds strength in your obliques and improves your balance."  

Bella Koh

3. "The ardha chandra chapasana: Strong yet not aggressive, submissive yet never weak."


4. "Centre your mind, and focus on engaging your core, in this arm-balancing Bakasana crow pose."

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Text: Adibah Isa

  • Image:
    Bella Koh
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