Your personalised detox programme

Your personalised detox programme

Born again

Text: Denise Kok

Your mind and body will thank you for this

When was the last time you truly found the time to let your body heal? We're not talking about putting your body on a crazed juice fast (we don't believe in it) or hitting up a monster hot yoga session only to confront your emails jammed with an avalanche of messages that somehow require your immediate attention. 

Whether you're breaking out or freaking out, chances are you'll need to hit the reset button pronto. And the best way to do so is to book yourself on a flight out to Samujana in Koh Samui and get away from it all. The luxe boutique villa estate has just partnered with wellness purveyor Amrita Retreats, meaning guests will now have access to a whole slew of natural detoxification, weight loss, and renewal programmes that the latter is famed for.

Crafted by naturopaths and nutritionists, the wellness programmes offered by Amrita draws upon western naturopathic know-how and the healing properties of traditional Thai herbs to transform the body from the inside out. The holistic approach also includes healthful menus, and fitness regimes customised for each individual. The best part? Your entire detox journey is personalised to suit your needs and takes place within the privacy of your very own villa.  

For more information, visit Samujana or Amrita Retreats