Ritual Fit app: Work out with a step-by-step audio guidance anywhere, anytime

Ritual Fit app: Work out with a step-by-step audio guidance anywhere, anytime

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Text: Janice Sim

We can't exactly speak for pre-pandemic times, but right now, fitness guides are as ubiquitous as they come. There are free subscriptions, paid apps, and obviously the labyrinth that is Youtube where you can find any sort of guidance that your body might desire. Fat burn! Lose weight! Abs in 60 days! The possibilities are endless. Unsurprisingly, homegrown start-up Ritual stands as one of them.  In an ambitious chain of events, the famed gym franchise pivoted their business model once the circuit breaker hit in May this year. First, with an impressive app, Ritual Anywhere, where any gym-starved individual could proceed with their daily fitness ritual, never missing a sweat, to officially opening their new space at Orchard Road once Phase 2 came around.

Ritual Fit app

Now, in yet another game changing move, they've tapped more extensively on the home fitness tech front — in a rebrand of the app now known as Ritual Fit. No longer a solution to the pandemic, but rather a holistic approach to fitness for the present and the foreseeable future. What sets them apart? The app is tethered with vocal guidance — step-by-step, movement after movement for each and every workout. Stemming from 5,000 pre-recorded vocal cues by co-founder Ian Tan. It is also built to be personalised, as with everyone's own fitness journey and progression. It starts off with asking how well do you feel today, on a scale from 1-10. Then checking if you have any equipment on hand — from kettlebells to plastic bottles — which will then be worked into your workout. None of those available? Your workout will eschew any need for equipment.

In Ritual fashion, you start off with a warm-up, then the workout, and ending with a cool-down stretch. As you go through the movements, the audio guidance is complemented with a video demonstrating the exercise. Within there's an integrated timer that you can fix your eyes on or listen in as the countdown happens close to the end of a certain movement. Our only gripe fell on the lack of time allowance as you transit from one movement to the other.

Ritual Fit app review

Bridging the gap between do-it-yourselfers and those fitted out with a gym instructor, is the audio guidance cleverly programmed in this app. With a calm and collected tone guiding us throughout every movement, the workout was conducted in good hands — so much so that the invisible instructor felt more attentive than any physical instructor in a crowded class. Apart from decent motivation, most of the instructions were form-focused. Essentially, what Ritual prides themselves on. "Abs tight, butt tight. Lock in your core and keep your back flat throughout." "Make this rep your best one yet." "Your feet should be shoulder-width apart." Pockets of information, which kept us more conscious of our own form, even for movements that we thought we were all too familiar with.

Ritual Fit app

If you aren't exactly the fastest listener, feel free to familiarise yourself with the movement library — spanning over 200 movements — that breaks each and everyone of them in detail. Before Ritual Fit, we didn't know there are that many variations of push-ups.

Yet, the newly-programmed platform is a good reminder of how accessible the Ritual brand is. Especially for folks who are new to fitness. It might have something to do with its well-sculpted cult following or the brand's daunting front, but this is an app that would mirror their physical product to the tee, while opening new doors to those too scared to get out there.

Try out a free trial today, before the workouts are available at $12.99/month.