Reebok's all-new PureMove sports bra will adapt to your body's movements with its amazing technology

Reebok's all-new PureMove sports bra will adapt to your body's movements with its amazing technology

What lies beneath

Text: Janice Sim

Meet the sports bra of the future

The evolution of activewear has seen many breakthroughs. One: the design details — it's hard to separate an outfit that's heading to brunch from an outfit engineered for a workout. Two: the technology behind it all.

The latter has proven itself an important force in maximising and accentuating one's fitness capacity. We have seen technology-booted kicks propelling us to go further in our daily miles, and now Reebok is getting in on the action with a first-of-its-kind PureMove sports bra, with some of the most formidable female partners, Gal Gadot, Gigi Hadid and Game of Thrones' actress Nathalie Emmanuel, wearing it. 

Reebok PureMove Sports bra

This technologically advanced number is neither flashy nor heavily clad with bright pops of prints — instead it keeps to a simple, yet flattering silhouette in a solid black hue. The real magic (underneath its plain looks) is a gel-like solution that takes a liquid form when it's in a still or slow-moving state. When it detects intensity in movement, the fabric stiffens and solidfies in response, adapting to the body's shape and velocity of the breast tissue.

Reebok PureMove Sports bra

The proper term is known as Motion Sense technology — enabling the sports bra in stretching less with high impact movements while providing the comfort and support during rest or in a workout that's lower in intensity. It's made out of seven unique pieces of fabric, which seamlessly moulds to the body as well as designed with perforations at the front and back to keep you cool and comfortable especially on a scorching day. Ladies, this might bode better, efficient and more comfortable workouts for us down the road.

The Reebok PureMove Bra will be available from 27 September 2018, in all Reebok Fit Hub stores and selected Royal Sporting House stores.

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