6 yoga poses for a complete body detox

6 yoga poses for a complete body detox

Cleanse away

Text: Janice Sim

Forget green juice, work these poses into your next session on the mat instead

There are a myriad of poses to execute when it comes to reaping the benefits of yoga. Some pride on strength and endurance, while others are skewed towards aiding our digestive system. Our bodies do already have a miraculous way of balancing and healing themselves; so when it comes to detoxing during a yoga session, it is about increasing the health of main organs like kidneys, liver, lungs and intestinal tracts.

Physicalities aside, there's also an important emphasis on purging out the negativity through postures and breath. With a focused intention, yoga decreases the accumulation of distractions and stimulations, and even toxic emotions such as hatred, anger and greed. Instructor Yun from Pure Yoga Asia Square shares the six best poses for detoxing. "Try not to eat two hours before and after. If necessary, stick to light fruits only," recommends Yun. 

1. Agnisar Kriyas

"Agni" in sanskrit means fire. In this cleansing technique from yoga, we induce our "digestive fire" by drawing the abdomen in, hence massaging the organs at the same time. When done repeatedly, it can aid our digestion and also help to increase our metabolism.

Bend your knees, feet wide apart, and place hands on knees. Inhale fully then exhale fully and completely. Once you have exhaled completely, pull your stomach in and up (under the rib cage) to create a little "cave". You should feel a "suction" feeling. Hold your breath there and release when you are ready. Do this for a few rounds.

Pure Yoga detox

2.  Garland Pose (Malasana)

Start by coming into a squat. Bring your feet as close together as you can comfortably get them, while still keeping them relatively parallel to each other. Feel the thighs massage the sides of your body.

Pure Yoga detox

3. Marichyasana 

Place your opposite elbow on the outside of your knee for a spinal twist. Sit on a block for more support, full twisting, and try connecting hands on the opposite hip.

Pure Yoga detox

4. Revolved Low Lunge (Parivrtta Anjaneyasana)

Start in low lunge, place palms in prayer pose and twist towards the opposite side from the front leg and rest your opposite elbow on the outside of the front knee. Draw stomach in and make a tiny waist to massage the digestive organs.

Pure Yoga detox

5.  Wind-Relieving Pose (Pavanamuktasana)

Pull your thigh as close to your side body as possible to relieve wind or indigestion.

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6. Belly on Block

Relax completely on the block and do not hold any weight back. Let the block massage the intestines.

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