Pure Wellness Studio: Meet Singapore’s first dedicated infrared sauna studio and holistic wellness space

Pure Wellness Studio: Meet Singapore’s first dedicated infrared sauna studio and holistic wellness space

Sweat it out

Text: Amelia Chia

You might think paying money to sweat it out, especially in our tropical climate, is a ludicrous idea, but our first dedicated infrared sauna studio is here to change all that. Enter Pure Wellness Studio, a breath of fresh air in the Duxton enclave. Its small touches are what sets it apart; wood, neutral tones, and natural light bathe the space, while leafy plants adorn corners. Design enthusiasts and minimalists might first experience tingles of excitement, before its purposeful calming effect takes over.

The boutique sanctuary is home to three sauna cabins, featuring the latest full spectrum infrared technology. Each infrared session heats the core of the body, penetrates the skin up to 7cm, and ensures a deeper cleanse through sweat than traditional saunas. After all, the power of sweat is one of the greatest ways to detox.

Pure Wellness Studio's stunning interiors

Originally founded in Melbourne, founders Maxie Chan and Rachel Lim launched Pure Wellness Studio in Singapore after experiencing the benefits of it first-hand. For Chan, her eczema was reduced and gut health improved after regular sweat sessions.

But how does infrared therapy differ from just sweating it out on your evening run or gym session? The penetrative effect of the infrared light causes the blood cells and pores to dilate and ensure an effective deeper whole body detox. What's more, the sweat produced with the infrared sauna contains cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins, heavy metals, nicotine, and other undesirable toxins, while normal sweat is mostly water and sodium chloride.

The private infrared sauna

As you slip into the cabin, you're encouraged to relax, be mindful, and let the magic of infrared do the rest — this includes increased metabolism, weight loss, improved blood circulation, muscle recovery, reduced blood pressure, skin rejuvenation, and pain relief. A sweat session from both a workout and infrared session should work in tandem for optimum results, but its benefits are excellent on its own. Read: fantastic news for anyone who finds heading to an exercise class after work a chore.

Each of the three private infrared saunas at Pure Wellness Studio are fitted with chromotherapy lights, where each colour is associated with a different physical and emotional benefit. Newbies are recommended the Rejuvenate cabin, which lends a gentle session with a combination of near, mid, or far infrared wavelengths. If you're up for a more intense sweat, the Recover room delivers only far-infrared heat. You may use the Rejuvenate and Recover cabins alone, or with a friend — each has a maximum capacity of two people. Our preferred spot? The solo Relax pod, which uses far-infrared surround heat for those who wish to lay down in comfort and drift off into a meditative state. Anything to inspire near-sleep, we say.

The Relax pod

There's still time before the year-end festivities to revert to your best self by sweating, detoxing, and healing your body from the inside out. Pure Wellness Studio also curates Vinyasa Flow yoga classes, crystal reiki healing sessions, sound healing, and meditation to complement the infrared saunas. While one to three times a week in the infrared cabins is ideal, some intense sweating is better than none in our books.

For more information or to book in for an infrared session, visit Pure Wellness Studio.