Pure Fitness Suntec City's FUZE fitness review: A strength training class for couples and friends

Pure Fitness Suntec City's FUZE fitness review: A strength training class for couples and friends

Partner up

Text: Janice Sim

The lowdown: Boutique studios are all the rage now, simply because it stands as a quick fix to accomplish a dynamic, all-rounded workout under 50 minutes. Not to mention, it's a whole lot of fun, backed up by a motivational trainer cum cheerleader. Somehow you won't feel the time go by at all, which is always a good thing. And despite its repertoire as a big box gym decked with huge open spaces and luxurious facilities, Pure Fitness has launched their first boutique training group training concept, FUZE. Here, you'll find everything that one would look for in a humble studio that are aplenty on ClassPass. There are strength-based equipment, boxing bags, assault bikes, and treadmills at your disposal. One of the three different classes on rotation here, BLAZE, is a 50-minute class of part cardio and part strength. There's quite a bit of pair work as you go through the class, and having a group of friends present in the class definitely made things more interesting. The class was divided in two groups — where one side of the room focused on strength, and the other on cardio — before swapping sides. My time during the strength bit involved deadlifts, squats + shoulder presses, and bodyweight crunches with leg extensions. The sequence was simple enough, but jazzed up with partner work, with one tapping out the other from non-stop crunches after fulfiling a certain no of deadlifts and squats. The partners would keep swapping postitions until the time for the strength section was up. Our instructor Henry, ran around assisting and watching everyone's form as we powered through. And while the class was pretty sizable. no one felt lost or confused with his rundown before we started. Over on the cardio side, there was a circuit route of elbow planks, resistance band squats, twisted lunges weighted by medicine balls, and a treadmill machine.


What I loved about the class: 50 minutes flew by just like that. And with the buddy system in place, the typical intensive session felt more fun and exciting than usual. It's a workout where you can laugh alongside your pals while pushing through as a team effort. Which really drives home the fact that fitness can be enjoyable and strenuous all at the same time. The studio's space also felt more than ample despite there being so many stations. Henry also made sure to interact casually with the class and at the same time, encouraging us to pick up a heavier weight if we were up for it.

What to bring: Performance shoes for working out and a bottle of water. Pure Fitness provides gym wear and towels if you need it.

Good to know: Bring someone you like to this class — you won't regret it. But even if you're rocking up solo, go with an open mind to make a new friend. If you feel pumped for more, the new outlet at Suntec City has a slew of inviting spacious zones of free weights, boxing/kickboxing, stretching, bikes, and enough equipment to maximise your time here. Perks of being in a big box gym.


Name of session: BLAZE
Try it out here: FUZE at Pure Fitness Suntec City
Duration of session: 50 minutes
Difficulty: Moderate