Plus size workouts: Barre class review at Barre Lab

Plus size workouts: Barre class review at Barre Lab

Barre 101

Text: Simran Panaech

The lowdown: My initial impression of barre is that it is an intense ballet class. I've always wanted to try so I can pretend to relive my six-year-old days as a ballerina. This wasn't exactly that.

This class was a low-impact workout with some ballet moves combined with pilates. It's meant to be a beginner class and easy on the joints. However, I felt quite uncoordinated as I didn't know what I was doing nor how I should be feeling. My knees were also uncomfortable at times.

What I liked about it: I enjoy the times when I can feel my workout, i.e. when my muscles are screaming and I know I will ache for the next few days. This class did just that.

The pulsing and repetitive moves, when done correctly, will make you feel the muscles you didn't know were there. I got introduced to a couple in my body while attempting some moves. Also, I did break out in a sweat.

Barre Lab

Personal difficulties: I felt my posture was off. I was leaning too far forward, which made my knees hurt. This was only pointed out when I asked about it after class. The instructor also gave her recommendation on how to correct it. However in the full class setting, I couldn't stop to assess my body, so I couldn't ask if I was doing it right.

I admit being uncoordinated made me feel uncomfortable. I didn't enjoy not knowing what to expect in this class. Perhaps this is a result of being out of my comfort zone or not feeling in control as I didn't know what to anticipate next.

Personal strengths: It felt good to complete the class. There were some moves I enjoyed doing because I could feel it working my muscles, such as ones that concentrated on the thighs and the bum. I appreciate the intensity of the moves. It felt like a good strength-building class.

The aftermath: The morning after? Not that bad of an ache. But would I do it again? If I did, it would probably be Barre Flow, which incorporates more a beat to it. There's something for everyone, and that wasn't the case when it came to Barre 101 for me.

Good to know: Don't think this is a ballet dance class. This is a beginner class that works your body in some styles of ballet combined with pilates. Also, don't knock it till you try it.

What to bring: Grip socks are important. I used my regular socks and felt unstable the whole time. If you don't own any, you can buy them at the reception. A towel is good for a wipe down of your sweat. There are shower facilities if you need it.


Name of session: Barre 101
Try it out here: Barre Lab
Duration of session: 55 minutes