Forget gym memberships. Here's a new way to get fit

Forget gym memberships. Here's a new way to get fit

One pass fits all

Text: Tracy Phillips

Fitness polygamy is the way forward

Passport Asia and GuavaPass, two new fitness startups in Singapore, are determined to help you get fit and vary your exercise routine. Unlike regular gym memberships that lock you down to one gym or fitness chain, Passport Asia and GuavaPass let you access a wide array of physical activities at numerous gyms and studios in Singapore — all for the price of a monthly subscription fee. With this, you can take the opportunity to experiment with different classes, especially the ones you've been curious about. 

Passport Asia
Passport Asia is a smartphone app available on both iOS and Android platforms. It lets you choose from 40,000 fitness classes spread across 180 gyms and studios in Singapore. Whether it's martial arts, indoor cycling, or pole dancing, the app allows you to locate classes near you and book in for a session with just one click. The app also features social sharing buttons that make it easy for you to send class details over to friends. Why suffer alone when you can work up a sweat together? Classes to look out for include parkour at A2 Movement, a SurfsetX workout (think fitness moves executed atop a custom-made surfboard) at Surfest Singapore and Electro Muscular Stimulation sessions at Bodytec Singapore.

There are two subscription offers to choose from. For $59, you get to book in for four classes each month, while $99 gives you access to unlimited classes. 

For more information, visit Passport Asia 

GuavaPass is a web-based platform that currently offers a monthly membership subscription of $139 that allows you to access fitness classes around Singapore. If you're on the go, you can also log-in via your smartphone or tablet. While GuavaPass members have access to an unlimited number of fitness classes each month across all the participating fitness outlets, you're limited to a maximum of three classes per outlet for each monthly billing cycle. 

What sets GuavaPass apart is its curation of boutique gyms and studios. The team at GuavaPass also takes it upon themselves to try each class, ensuring that only teachers and studios that cut the mustard make it to their list. Some classes to look out for are the invigorating hot flow sessions at Updog Studio and muay thai at Impact MMAMore than a fitness buffet, Guavapass also organises events for members to socialise and learn from wellness experts.

For more information, visit GuavaPass