Top seven moments from the 28th SEA Games

Top seven moments from the 28th SEA Games

Going for gold

Text: Varsha Sivaram

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Image: Paul Foster

12 days. 402 events. 1327 medals. We’ve rounded up the best moments of the games

Shanti Pereira became the first Singaporean female in 42 years to win the gold in the women's 200m sprint
Back in 1973, Glory Barnabas brought home the gold for Singapore in the women's 200m sprint. Since then, no one has managed to do the same. However, on 10 June, Veronica Shanti Pereira sprinted across the finish line ahead of her opponents and the nation went wild. At the age of 18, Pereira has no doubt made history. 

Singapore won its first ever gold in synchronised swimming
Milestones abound, as on 3 June, Singapore's synchronised swimming team bagged the country's first gold ever in the sport. It signalled a roaring start to the 28th SEA Games, which went on to be an explosive success for Team Singapore.

28th SEA Games

Mohamed Hanurdeen Hamid shed blood, sweat, and tears for Singapore's silver in boxing
Braving a bad cut near his left eye, the 21-year-old boxer lasted through three rounds of a gruelling final against Philippines' Ian Bautista. For the rest of the match, Mohamed Hanurdeen Hamid's swollen eye impaired his vision, but he persisted through the pain and brought home a silver medal.

Mohamed Hanurdeen Hamid at the 28th SEA Games

Joseph Schooling broke a 33-year-old record
He's the talk of the town, and with good reason to boot. With 9 gold medals to his name, swimmer Joseph Schooling has more than excelled at this year's SEA Games. His most notable feat this time round? Breaking Ann Peng Siong's 33-year-old record of 22.69 seconds in the 50m freestyle category. Schooling finished the lap in just 22.47 seconds.

Joseph Schooling at the 28th SEA Games

Some diving mishaps were made
John David Pahoyo and John Elmerson Fabriga of the Philippines executed a near-perfect synchronised dive on 9 June, but it was unfortunately their missteps that caught everyone's attention. Landing straight on their backs during their individual dives, they were given scores of zero from the judges. However, we admire Pahoyo and Fabriga's ability to laugh off the bad press.

John David Pahoyo and John Elmerson Fabriga at the 28th SEA Games

Vivian Rhamanan and Marcus Phua won Singapore's first squash gold in 20 years
Just a day before the games ended, squash duo Vivian Rhamanan and Marcus Phua clinched Singapore's 83rd gold at the men's jumbo doubles. The historic win marks Team Singapore's first gold in squash after a 20-year dry spell.

Vivian Rhamanan and Marcus Phua at the 28th SEA Games

The Quah siblings showed us stunning performances
It's not every day that three siblings represent their country together. Quah Ting Wen, Quah Zheng Wen and Quah Jing Wen have more than pulled their weight; Zheng Wen and Ting Wen have won five golds between them, rewriting records in the process. Ting Wen made her debut at this year's SEA Games and scored a bronze medal – no mean feat for the youngest sibling.

Quah Zheng Wen at the 28th SEA Games