Online workouts and classes to livestream from Evolve MMA, boOm, ClassPass and more

Online workouts and classes to livestream from Evolve MMA, boOm, ClassPass and more

Virtual fitness

Text: Natasha Khoury

Editor: Janice Sim

The pause button on our lives has been forcibly pressed by the you-know-what virus — as a result, halting school programs, social activities, and more importantly, time at the gym. But that doesn't mean you have to compromise your fitness regime as well. Because while a fancy studio and a group setting might spur you to perform better, a workout can simply be executed when you have a device and some good ol' unwavering WIFI connection. After all, living in the digital age means that online workouts are accessible anywhere, anytime.

As gym goers are slowly prioritising the stay-home life, many notable facilities and establishments have caught up by introducing livestream and online workouts. Whether it's on Instagram Live, YouTube, or on a fitness app, there's no shortage of them. Yes here's when you no longer need to be a member and pay a monthly fee — classes have very kindly made free for you. Time to get changed out of your PJs.

Off Duty Pilates

Being the first pilates focused studio in Singapore that offers hybrid classes, this reformer studio is unlike any other. Combined with reformer and TRX suspension trainers, classes here are no piece of cake. Rehabilitation isn't the sole focus here, their fitness-oriented programs with upbeat and energetic classes will give a long-awaited rush of adrenaline. Introducing Off Duty at home, you can now take part in their 45-minute full-body Instagram live workouts at home. Simply grab a mat, workout-specified props and you're good to go. Opting to forgo fixed prices, Off Duty Pilates has also launched a "Pay what you can" initiative to help support their local studio and instructors in this time of need. That's not all, Off Duty Pilates announced from May 4 and onwards, they will be having live virtual classes via Zoom with instructors leading you through a variety of group Mat Pilates classes.

How to join: Off Duty Pilates Instagram live classes can be found here. Their Off Duty at home schedule can be found here, along with a pay scale for donation to support their local studio and instructors.

Alo Moves

An online yoga platform, Alo Moves aims to unite yogis with a plethora of exceptional celeb-approved athleisure wear and now — online workout content. Recently launching a yoga video app, Alo Moves is a game changer for home workouts. Not only is there a bank of thousands of videos to explore, from single classes to series across all levels; but besides yoga, you can get your blood pumping from a wide range of workouts. Train with strength, barre, pilates, HIIT or choose to calm your mind with meditations, sound baths and breathwork. The highlight? With every alo purchase, you'll get unlimited one-month access to thousands of video sessions taught by work-class teachers. On a tight budget? Fret not, during these times in quarrantine, Alo Moves has courteously offered free classes available on their YouTube channel — keeping your mind, body and spirit strong when we need it the most.

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How to join: Head to Alo's website for yoga, fitness and meditation classes with monthly subscription fees. With any Alo Yoga purchase from their athleisure store, enjoy a free month of unlimited workouts. Alternatively, head to their YouTube channel for free workout content.

Ground Zero

While we won't get to experience Ground Zero's fab facilities firsthand for the time being, their home workouts on IGTV will get your sweat on anytime, anywhere. Releasing videos at noon every day, their bodyweight workouts ensure that no other equipment are needed here. But don't be fooled — their power-packed 40-minute workouts are fueled with intensity and endurance, so ready a towel and water bottle at arm's reach.

How to join: Ground Zero's IGTV workouts and schedule can be found on their Instagram page.

Fitness First

A favourite amongst many locals, Fitness First has launched their brand-new 'Fitness at Home' workout series. Taking their loyal customers (as well as non-members) on a virtual Group Fitness Class journey, this gym will live stream their signature workouts every week. Where can you find these heart-pumping workouts? Their very own Facebook page, of course. Break a sweat to the popular Les Mills classes, Body Combat, Gentle Flow Yoga and even Dance Moves classes. If you miss out on a live streaming session, don't fret, the workouts will be uploaded to their very own Fitness at Home playlist on Facebook and posted on IGTV as well.

How to join: To view their updated online class schedules and join in on the classes, go to Fitness First's Facebook page here. Otherwise, you can access the same exercise videos on their IGTV as well.

Pure Yoga and Pure Fitness

Pandemic-induced stress getting to you? Nothing that a zen-filled Pure Yoga session can't fix. Expanding their fitness classes to Instagram, Pure Yoga has provided free access during this time to supporters interested in up-keeping their exercise regimen. With bonus healthy living tips to practice as well. You can also head to Pure Yoga's website for more complimentary access to hundreds of yoga and meditation videos. Not a big fan of yoga? No worries — Pure Fitness offers a wide selection of home workouts too. So aside from Mindfulness and Yoga Therapy classes, you can also partake in Dance Cardio and Functional Shadow Boxing. All you need is a towel and mat — no ifs or buts here.

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How to join: Pure Yoga's Instagram Live classes and weekly schedules can be found on their insta-page by clicking here. For action-packed sessions, head to Pure Fitness Singapore Instagram page here. And for more complementary Yoga and Meditation videos, check out Pure Yoga's website.


This 30-minute gym knows exactly how to maximise the time you have in a brief workout, without any compromise on the results. And now, they are bringing their one-of-a-kind exercises to your home for free — of course. With constant updates on Instagram, their new RitualAnywhere series incorporates workouts, equipment-free alternatives, and stretches for all to enjoy — from a safe distance. And although it's not the same as physical guidance from the coaches themselves, Ritual stipulates three important tips for every exercise that's posted up, whether it be maintaining a good form on that burpee, challenging yourself to a higher level if you feel like it, and paying attention to your own pace.

How to join: Check out RitualAnywhere workouts on Ritual gym Instagram page.

Evolve MMA

In case you missed it, Evolve MMA has temporarily shut its doors in light of COVID-19. And it probably isn't the only boxing gym to do so. Their next best alternative: Online daily sessions. What's more, Evolve has decided to fill in our fighter void by having world champion martial artists and elite coaches to teach eager learners. Expect classes from every major discipline including muay thai, brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, mixed martial arts, wrestling and many more. Got a question that you've been dying to know the answer? Jump on their live interactive Q&A sessions answered by the world champions themselves.

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How to join: Classes will be livestreamed from 9am-9.15pm, all week. Join Evolve MMA's Facebook livestream classes here. Alternatively, you can head on over to their YouTube channel here.

boOm Singapore

The folks of boOm have established a strong cult following based off explosive workouts centered around the basics punches of boxing and strength and functional training elements. Now that social distancing measures are at play; instead of opening their studios, boOm Singapore has opened up an online class gateway through modified versions of their BoomBox and boOmCAMP classes available on Instagram live and IGTV. Expect to see your favourite instructors on rotation from the screen.

How to join: To access BoomBox, boOmCAMP, and CoreHIIT/Stretch classes, go to BOOM Singapore's Instagram here.

Thanyapura Health and Sports Resort

Travel is on hold, indefinitely. But let's take a virtual trip to Thanyanpura Health and Sports Resort  one of the world's top fitness retreats, which has launched a series of daily online fitness classes for the homebound without a fee. We're talking a multitude of classes comprising of high energy HIIT sessions, muay thai and yoga classes conducted by Thanyanpura's coaches. The best part? You won't require any equipment — so no excuses folks. The classes range from 30 to 60 minutes and can be accessed via Thanyanpura's Facebook page. If you wanna push yourself further, online personal training sessions for both members and non-members are also available to stream.

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How to join: To view the weekly class schedules or book an online personal training session, click here. Join Thanyanpura's live stream fitness classes here.


This major fitness subscription service unleashes a plethora of fitness classes all over town, including  but not limited to  yoga, strength training, barre, martial arts, pilates and many more. But in these self-isolation times, you can tap on thousands of free workouts on a silver platter. Be it kickboxing, dance, upper body or other cardio workouts like HIIT, ClassPass is here to give you an effective full body workout. Plus, it will provide vital information such as the equipment needed  even if it just means an exercise mat and a heart rate monitor  accompanied by its difficulty level.

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How to join: Just download the ClassPass app and you can retrieve both video and audio workouts at your disposal.