No Sweat: Personal trainer Tyen Rasif launches the first fitness app created by a Singaporean

No Sweat: Personal trainer Tyen Rasif launches the first fitness app created by a Singaporean

Made in Singapore

Text: Niharika Murali

Tyen Rasif is on the roll with a series of firsts — and she's determined to shake up the fitness community. You might know the personal trainer from Singapore's first online fitness show 'No Sweat' on Youtube and now she has rolled out her very own fitness app going by the same name, No Sweat.

Often we attribute our inactive lifestyle to a lack of time and the surging rates of personal training, hence Rasif found a valid cause to develop No Sweat, a download away from being everyone's pocket personal trainer. The kind that isn't boring or soul-draining. With the fleet of fitness and personal training apps out there, here's what sets it apart.

Tyen Rasif

Customised workout programmes

There's nothing more frustrating than committing to a fitness plan and not getting the desired results. To avoid that, users can sign up for four weeks, 12 weeks, or a one year plan and will get customised workout plans that will tend to your needs, whether you need help gaining muscle or just an overall improvement in your fitness journey.

Tyen Rasif

No gym or weights required

As fulfilling it is to post a 'at a gym' selfie on your Instagram Stories, we may not always have access to one. All of the workouts are bodyweight-focused and therefore require little to no equipment. The app even suggests common household items as alternatives for weighted exercises, if the need arises. This might be even be one to recommend to your mum.

Personal progress tracking

Being fit isn't all about getting the lowest reading on the weighing scale. Rasif, being a huge advocate for taking the focus away from measuring progress based on weight alone, has developed the app in a way that it tracks users' progress based on emotional, mental and physical transformation. The ability to add your own photos and notes gives the app a much needed personal touch.

Tyen Rasif

Individual assessments

Make no mistake, this app isn't a bot. What you'll find in No Sweat is Tyen's involvement in each member's fitness journey. Via the submission of photos, notes, and queries, she will individually assess the users' progress and offer insightful feedback.

A fitness community

Downloading the app also instantly connects you with the No Sweat fitness community where Tyen will share tips on leading a healthy lifestyle. Through this feature, you can interact with others, pick up tips, and even get the nudge you need to perserve in your personal journey.

Download the free app and give the 7-day trial workout programme a try. You can also unlock exclusive members-only features through a paid subscription.
The No Sweat Fitness App is now available for download on both the Google Play Store and App Store.