This eco-friendly activewear label turns plastic bottles into apparel

This eco-friendly activewear label turns plastic bottles into apparel

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Text: Janice Sim

Image: @nimbleactivewear/Instagram

You'll get to save the environment while working up a sweat in stylish gear

Sustainability isn't a word that's loosely thrown around anymore; instead over recent years, it has garnered a great deal of traction, reaction, and most importantly, impact. Most folks are making a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint — whether it be opting for metal straws or visiting eco-friendly grocery stores. It's safe to say that we're onto a promising start here.

Australian activewear brand, Nimble, echoes this sentiment. In fact, they have gone further and beyond in a movement to not just reduce waste, but reverse the effects — by turning plastic bottles into apparel from their Compresslite range.

Nimble eco-friendly activewear

Just this year alone, Nimble has weaved 94,300 plastic bottles into clothing. An applaudable feat which in turn, flourished into stylish workout gear that women could exploit for the better good of health and fitness. Think four recycled bottles amounting to one pair of Compresslite tights, and one recycled bottle to one Compresslite bra. How? The bottles are first melted down, turned into chips, then into a yarn. Together with spandex, the knitting process forms the core compression fabric. 

The threads from Compresslite fit just like second skin — boasting of a light compression for maximum stretch as well sweat wicking properties. Choose from solid colours, animal prints, mesh inserts — it will be way too easy picking a new chic outfit from the range for your next gym entrance. Not forgetting, you'll be doing your bit for the environment while burning a ton of calories. Now that's a massive win for both the earth and your physique. 

Nimble's Compresslite range is available online. 

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