Here's how you can order your own bespoke Nike kicks

Here's how you can order your own bespoke Nike kicks

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Text: Denise Kok

Time to birth that dream shoe you've always wanted

Now that is finally delivering to Singapore, fans of the sporting giant will gain access to the celebrated NIKEiD service. Previously unavailable to consumers here, NIKEiD allows you to fully customise their own Nike kicks. Whether you're going for an all-white Roshe One or suede Nike Cortez, the possibilities are endless. 


To begin, head into their interactive workshop and choose from Nike's slew of iconic shoes—ranging from performance wear to street-ready kicks—which appear as entirely white canvases. Here's where the fun begins. Every element of the shoe, from sole to swoosh, is entirely customisable. Depending on the model of the shoe, you can even input your own text and play around with graphic options. Material-wise, leather, suede, graphic mesh, and even Pendleton wool are all fair game. The interactive workshop is as user-friendly as it gets and does a stellar job at displaying realistic views of how your shoes would look like as you tweak each element. 

For customers in Singapore, the custom-made shoes will be shipped from Hong Kong with a delivery time of three to five weeks. 

To access NikeID services, click here.