Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit review: Faster runs to come your way

Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit review: Faster runs to come your way

Run forrest, run

Text: Janice Sim

"Running is fun, running is cathartic", I chant this in my head before dragging myself down for a spontaneous evening run. Admittedly, I could think of ten other things I would rather be doing at 7pm on a Monday night. The motivational force? Testing out the all-new Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit trainers.

Over the recent years, flyknits have been adapted so extensively that it's been tough to keep a tight rein on the core essence of the shoe. While the novelty has been lost, there's no doubt that they have solidified their presence as the running shoe that looks super fly. 

Nike Fly Flyknit

These ones I'm sporting, incorporates the plush responsive foam from the Nike React, the breathable support and structure of featherweight Flyknit, and is held by the full-length carbon-fiber plate found in the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%. A hybrid of all sorts.

It's lighter than most running shoes, but still heavier than the Vaporfly 4%. I find myself picking a promising speed nevertheless. What was really comforting was the fit — credit due to its upper; which gently wraps around the ankle collar like how your feet feels as they slide into a pair of socks. The result is intentional it seems: as the upper fit is designed to align itself to one's foot. My feet felt snug and well, although I can't say the same for anyone else with a wider breadth.

Twenty minutes in, I'm already exhausted but picking up a quicker pace, as compared to my past endeavours. The carbon-fiber plate must be working its magic —supposedly invented as a launch pad for runners to have a better toe off. Sprinting felt relatively easier, with a lesser weight off my calves. The verdict rang true to the Fly Flyknit sneakers, which was meant to support faster runs. If this means clocking in the same amount of miles in a shorter span of time, it's good news. Running isn't an exercise you would want to prolong anyway — at least that's my two cents on it.   

Available for $239 in all Nike stores and online