Nike Yoga's Infinalon collection: Sandra Riley Tang on her favourite poses to do from home

Nike Yoga's Infinalon collection: Sandra Riley Tang on her favourite poses to do from home

When in solitude

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Sandra Riley Tang

There are certain activities that are best done outdoors, prospered in the presence of people and social interactions. And then there are a couple of others that can be easily accomplished — if not to a better extent — at home even when your city's on quarantine mode. Yoga's easily one of them, as singer RRILEY (a.k.a. Sandra Riley Tang) gracefully displays the practice.

Below, she dons on Nike Yoga's latest collection, Infinalon. It's a new fabric innovation that applies a stretch that supercedes the spandex while keeping a comfortable and consistent fit. That alongside a pillowy lightweight finish that feels like second skin.

Sandra Riley Tang

How does Nike Infinalon fare in a yoga session?
(R) The first time I put on the apparel from the collection, I literally said, "Oh my god". The new Infinalon material is insanely smooth, soft, and stretchy. It stays in place all at the same time. So light and comfortable that it feels like your own skin, and that really helps with being able to move freely.

Since the circuit breaker, how have you been practicing yoga from home? Has the routine been different from being in a studio?
I have been practising yoga a lot more since spending more time at home — also to cope with the unexplainable anxiety and depression that comes sporadically. I have always enjoyed practising in solitude more so than in a group class because I get to move at my own pace and work on what my body needs. Sometimes I practise without music, sometimes with a flow playlist of light indie music but recently, I've really enjoyed practicing to a Nature Sounds playlist. It kind of teleports you somewhere else in the midst of nature and I love it.

In these times, do you have any tips for yogis when it comes to adapting their routines from a studio to their own homes?
Yoga can be done at any place at any time since it's really all about mindfulness. But it definitely helps to have a conducive space. Clear out a space in your home. It doesn't have to be a large space as long as it can fit a mat. Remove any distractions and turn it into a sacred space however you like. Maybe burn some candles, add crystals or plants. Anything goes as long being in that space makes you feel good and calm.

What are your favourite yoga poses and why?

#1 Standing forward fold:
The most efficient way to stretch out my hamstrings thanks to gravity and it's the most adaptable. You can stretch out like this while blow drying your hair (which gives our hair more volume too!) or even tying your shoelace.

Sandra Riley Tang

#2 Grasshopper:
I learnt this pose when I first started practising yoga and injured my IT band because I did not warm up first, so this pose has always been a good reminder for me to warm up first to prevent injury and not to rush into poses.

Sandra Riley Tang

#3 Tortoise pose:
Also known as 'the pancake' and who doesn't like pancakes?

Sandra Riley Tang

#4 Forearm stand:
Forearms stands work a lot of muscles like the core, arms, back, shoulders and it also energizes the body. I love inversions (upside down poses) because it really requires me to focus on my breath and body awareness and to be present in the moment.

Sandra Riley Tang

#5 Wild Thing:
I always feel invigorated doing Wild Thing. It is a great heart opener, stretching the chest, lungs and shoulders!

Sandra Riley Tang

#6 Birds of Paradise:
Such a fun pose because it really works your standing leg to keep balance while stretching the hamstrings with one leg in the air, all while trying to maintain a relaxed face and remembering to breathe in the pose. A strong yet graceful stance.

Sandra Riley Tang

How has yoga helped you during this period of being in quarantine?
I personally do yoga especially on days when I am feeling down. There are many facets of yoga and two of them are asana (poses) and pranayama (breathing techniques). Practising the asanas help to keep your body mobile and healthy, which also allows you to be more comfortable during meditation. One common misconception is that meditation is religious, just because many religions practise meditation. However yoga or meditation on its own is not religious as it doesn't require any faith, just some willpower. So basically, if you can breathe, you can do yoga! Meditation is as simple as quieting the mind and focusing on your breathing. And there are tons of pranayamas you can practice for different purposes — and it all centers around being in control of your breath. Your breath changes according to your emotions so being able to focus on your breath, taking long deep breaths everyday for five minutes, and then sweating or stretching it out can really do wonders for your mental health.

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