Nike introduces its first yoga apparel collection, including a dedicated line for men

Nike introduces its first yoga apparel collection, including a dedicated line for men

A growing movement

Text: Evan Mua

There is a misconception and prevailing culture that has caused most men to shun yoga, despite the wealth of benefits that the act can bestow upon all practitioners of either gender. That lies in female-driven classes, and perhaps the myth that accomplishing a 'cobra' pose would actually hurt your masculinity. But the truth is, yoga's a routine widely exercised by many male athletes — ranging from skateboarders to sprinters. Almost like a secret weapon; simply because of its benefits of better agility, enhanced muscle recovery, and improved coordination.

To encourage this insightful movement, Nike officially launches its first yoga-specific apparel which caters to both men and women. Beyond the snazzy threads, the sportswear giant has also added a new collection of yoga workouts on the Nike Training Club app earlier this January — just to help athletes alike to sharpen their performance, whether on the field, track, or in the waters.

It all lies in the details, individually for both genders. For men's apparel: the tee is designed in a way that prevents it from riding up during lengthening poses, the tights contain a rib inset that stretches and vents, and the shorts have a slim and straight opening that keeps them in place during inversions. Now guys can feel comfortable and at ease while trying to contort themselves too.

As for the women, soft jersey fabric tights allow for easy transition between poses while open-weave crochet stitching along the sides aids with increased air flow. The high-neck tank will also prevent slip-ups when attempting harder contortions. On top of all that, the garments also been designed to remove distractions and friction from rubbing. More styles have also been added for the ladies — with the new Indy Lattice Bra and Power Tight Studio Ladder, as well as including new colour palettes in the form of Dusty Peach and Indigo Storm.

The Nike Yoga Collection is available on here.