Nike React Infinity Run review: An anti-injury innovation with a springy foam and wider midsole

Nike React Infinity Run review: An anti-injury innovation with a springy foam and wider midsole

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Text: Janice Sim

Once you've eased into the daily mechanics of kicking your feet back in a cyclical motion and have surpassed the peril of stitches, the next thing that any seasoned runner could still be susceptible to would be injuries. And no, we don't mean stumbling over a poorly constructed pavement or missing a step while distracted by a cute pooch ferried in a tote. Those mishaps are solely on you — and maybe gravity.

What Nike's latest running innovation, the React Infinity Run is keen on resolving, are running related injuries that could occur in our ankles, knees, shins, and back. While this isn't the shoe that Nike has formulated for you to break your personal best record time, it is the first from the brand to prevent injuries. And yes, expect to see a future line-up following this launch. Bested for runs at a moderate speed — mainly either for leisure or to build up stamina at a frequency of two to three times a week.

Nike React Infinity Run

It's a stark comparision to the Epic React, which serves a whole other purpose. First foot in, and the sensation in the Infinity Run feels springier than usual. The cushioned sole is thicker and enhanced with an added spring in the bottom foam — bearing 24% more React foam in its midsole. Next up, in what Nike dubs a rocker-geometry formation that urges your foot to lean forward, enabling a subtle spring with each step. With this little tweak, our journey up-slope didn't seem as arduous as it normally would.

Nike React Infinity

Center of gravity is common knowledge to all. To amp up on the stability factor, the midsoles of these kicks are widened, just so to create a firmer base on top of the rebooted cushioning. With every stride, there was none of that side-to-side wobbling; which we tend to experience where our speedy movements during a run result in a reckless landing, not so much with precision. Over-pronation is also suspected to be one of the reasons — when the arch of your foot excessively collapses downward or inward. This can happen to folks that aren't flat-footed, even athletes that train on a daily basis. When it comes to the toe upper, you'll have more room. Something that those with wider feet can appreciate while building up pressure while sprinting.

Nike React Infinity Run

There's a sweetener: A multi-functional design that looks stylish enough for everyday wear. Featuring a colourway knack that Nike has successfully dominated for a while now. We got our eyes on the white-pink-salmon-neon yellow number.

Nike React Infinity Run is now available in all Nike stores and online.

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