Nike launches a swanky metallic apparel line, alongside their newest EXP-X14 Runner

Shine on

Text: Janice Sim

You can afford to go glam at your next sweat sesh

These days, you don't even have to try when it comes to looking good in the gym. Sportswear giants like Nike easily do that for you. We're talking new reinforcements from their Metallic Sheen range. The snazzy collection ropes in a stunning liquid-like fabric, aligned with subtle (but chic) details. Think fluid wrap styles, cinching and smart seaming to flatter one's silhouette.

The lustre from the series comes on perfectly restrained, sans the possibility of looking OTT especially while clocking in your miles on the treadmill. Key pieces from the series include the Nike Epic Lux Athena Running Tights (one of Nike's lightest running tights to date) as well as Nike Pro Hypercool Long-Sleeve Top, which cleverly incorporates asymmetrical curved lines and colour-blocking, while doubling up to ventilate and wick sweat.

Other unconventional pieces? Dri-fit training wraps to flatter the waist or around your neck during wintry climates.  

In addition to these shimmering threads, you can complete the whole look with their latest EXP-X14 sneaker drop. With these new kicks, a special technology called Nike React is slipped in its midsole to provide ample cushion for all-day comfort. While they might not be marathon-worthy, these will easily carry you through a light jog and casual Fridays. 

The Nike Metallic Sheen range and EXP-X14 are now available online and at selected retailers. 


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