New and unusual HIIT workouts to get your heart pumping

New and unusual HIIT workouts to get your heart pumping

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Break away from the usual HIIT circuit with these exercises that breathe new life into this old favourite

There're good reasons why High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts have taken off within the fitness community. This effective form of training aids in muscle development, fat loss, and overall fitness goals — making it one of the best workouts you can perform in a short amount of time. As we repent from all the snacks we treated ourselves to this Chinese New Year, it's only fitting that we take a look at the latest HIIT workouts to whip you back into shape.



Metabolic Conditioning is one of the primary benefits of HIIT workouts. By pushing your body through a mix of cardio and resistance exercises repetitively over a small period of time, your metabolic rate is disturbed at a higher level than almost any other workout style. The usual structure of a MetCon style class is anything from two to 200 exercises, performed over a short period of time, with little or no breaks in-between. MetCon classes are usually conducted in gyms or outdoors and involve both weighted and free-weight exercises.

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For a modern take on yoga, instructors and life-long yogis have started to combine HIIT and yoga styles to form a completely new workout suited to a huge range of people. For some, yoga classes aren't enough of a challenge, and for others, intense HIIT classes can sometimes leave them unfocused and scattered in their day. This new style of HIIT starts and finishes with deep stretches, meditative positions, and strengthening holds instructed by a certified yoga teacher. In between, you're pushed to your maximum with HIIT circuits back-to-back with little or no rest.

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HIIT Barre

A Barre class typically calls to mind slow and graceful movements modeled after the disciplines of ballet and pilates. However, when combined with a HIIT approach, it becomes a whole new workout. These classes feature mostly bodyweight exercises from traditional Barre classes, but executed with more repetitions and at a quicker rate. The benefits? Fat loss combined with improved muscle tone and posture.  

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HIIT Power Plates

Power Plates unleash hundreds of tiny vibrations per minute, activating even the smallest muscles on those executing moves whilst on the machine. These Power Plates HIIT classes are similar to regular HIIT sessions, except that the high intensity exercises are performed on the Power Plate itself. You'll find squats, push-ups, and crunches to be infinitely challenging. Endure the madness and you'll enjoy the rewards of muscle development and all-round toning.

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HIIT Bounce

Gone are the days where it's only acceptable to bounce on a trampoline for an hour between play dates and nap time. Trampoline workout instructors have managed to combine the fun of trampolining with the challenge of a HIIT workout. With a higher burn rate than jogging, running, or sprinting alone, the entertaining classes comprise an hour of high intensity bouncing circuits bound to bring out the child in all of us.

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