New gyms and fitness studios in Singapore: Where to workout for strength, weight loss, and cardio

New gyms and fitness studios in Singapore: Where to workout for strength, weight loss, and cardio

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Text: Niharika Murali

Gone are the days when the idea of working out insinuates a mundane, tortured session. These days, it's about injecting fun and dynamic movements — to the extent where you actually have fun while burning a few hundred calories. Lucky for us, we have more options, on top of what our city already has. Here are the new gyms and fitness studios that are currently on our radar.

Where: Pure Fitness Suntec City
Pure group's eighth outlet in Singapore will feature specialised pilates and private stretch studios, circuit zones and a 30m sprint track among other facilities. The gym will also debut an exclusive fitness concept, Fuze, comprising of Blaze, an in-house HIIT workout and two boutique training programs, Ceremony and Conquer, both curated by leading fitness group Les Mills. Expect a combination of functional training, cycling, and boxing, all aimed to build endurance and agility.

Fun fact: Pure group was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Hong Kong.

Where: Kravist
Opening in Jan 2020, Kravist gym houses the largest Krav Maga organisation in the world — guiding you through the modern and integrated system of self-defence, fighting and combat, intially developed for the Israeli Defense Forces. Apart from the adult classes, self-defence lessons specifically catered towards the needs of kids and women, are also available. Learn basic awareness and de-escalation techniques that not only help you protect youself, but also simultaneously keep you fit.

Fun fact: Edwin Peng, one of the instructors, is the highest ranked Krav Maga Global (KMG) practicioner in South East Asia and also the director of KMG Singapore.

Where: TFX Millenia Walk
Spanning a mammoth 41,700 sqft, making it the largest fitness centre in Singapore, TFX's newest venture is your all-in-one fitness stop. While you are there, check out TerraX - an extensive indoor obstacle course that includes a 4x25m running track for sprints and circuit training. Options are aplenty with a yoga studio, spinning studio and even a boxing area all decked out with state-of-the-art fitness equipment.

Fun fact: This multi-concept gym is TFX's third fitness complex, with the other two situated at Funan and Pacific Plaza.

Where: Ground Zero China Square Central
Get your HIIT fix from Ground Zero's second outlet — either through their spin class (titled Ride) or newly added strength training class (Resistance). The latter is broken down into three components — Build, Endurance and Showdown. Resistance works your whole body, as you power through various stations involving dumbbells, medicine balls and rowers, designed to optimise your stamina. No doubt you are in good hands as skilled trainers will guide you through the entire programme, from start to finish. Here, shower stalls are stocked with the best amenities like Ashley & Co. bath products and Dyson hair dryers. Not forgetting the gym's very own shake bar.

Fun fact: Ground Zero's first outlet at Carpenter Street, only conducts boxing-HIIT sessions. All other classes have been relocated to their outlet at China Square Central.

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