New gyms and fitness studios in Singapore: Where to workout for strength, weight loss, and cardio

New gyms and fitness studios in Singapore: Where to workout for strength, weight loss, and cardio

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Text: Allison Kim

Gone are the days when the idea of working out insinuates a mundane, tortured session. These days, it's about injecting fun and dynamic movements — to the extent where you actually have fun while burning a few hundred calories. Lucky for us, we have more options, on top of what our city already has. Here are the new gyms and fitness studios that are currently on our radar.

A full-fledged pilates studio (that has yet to be opened) specialising in Gyro-tonic Expansion System — featuring two approaches (Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis) that are not commonly known to most folks yet. One is done on specialised equipment while the other doesn't require any. Both the two flow hand in hand in a single workout — creating balance, efficiency, strength and flexibility.

Fun fact: Ido is pronounced (ee-doh) — translated from the Mandarin characters of 'to move'.

Where: Grityard
The Grityard offers a specially formulated program that focuses on the five pillars of fitness –– strength, power, agility, core and endurance. Each of the 30 or 45 minute sessions at Grityard are designed for time-efficiency and achieving certain health goals at the same time. Grityard offers five training programs — The Blitz, The Long haul, Juggernaut, Reign-man and Hell Fire.

Fun fact: Established by former national water polo players, Lim Yao Xiang and Teh Chong Nyen alongside former national sprinter Lim Yao Peng, Grityard was birthed from their experience of elite athlete training, geared to help people achieve their desirable fitness goals.
Facilities: Grityard has showers for members but no towels will be provided.


Where: 9rounds
Opened by Roy Fung in Singapore, 9rounds was originally founded by kickboxing world champion, Shannon Hudson and his wife, Heather Hudson in 2008. The gym offers a kickboxing-themed fitness programme that integrates functional, interval, cardiovascular and circuit training regimes. It also features a proprietary system of nine challenging workout stations developed by a World Champion Kickboxer. To date, there are 700 over gyms across the globe.

Fun fact: There is no fixed schedule for classes so members can turn up anytime they want for trainers to help them in their workouts. 
Facilities: Showers and lockers are available here.

Where: TFX Pacific Plaza÷TFX Pacific Plaza features a unique two-storey club with an entire floor solely dedicated to yoga. With a variety of yoga classes, there's bound to be one to suit your fitness level. The other floor houses a functional training area with TFX's range of small group training classes. While at the gym, you're looking at state-of-the-art fitness equipment from top brands such as Torque, Ziva, Matrix, Life Fitness and Rouge for cardio, strength, and resistance training

Fun fact: They provide Dyson hairdryers by the vanity tables.
Facilities: Spacious male and female changing rooms with electronic locker systems in place.

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