#ManCrushMonday: Mats Hummels

#ManCrushMonday: Mats Hummels

Germany's defending champion

Text: Priscilla Tan

Why Mats Hummels is a show-stopper this Euro 2016

They say the best defense is a good offence — and we've definitely seen that from Mats Hummels. Given his impressive defense, no one would have guessed that the 27-year-old first made his foray into the sport as an aspiring striker. Yet in 2014, the central defender played for his very first World Cup and assisted the team into clinching their fourth title. Touted as one of the best defenders in football today, the highly coveted player has football in his blood — his father played football, his brother plays football and his mother is a well-known football journalist.

But beyond delivering a killer defense, we've got to give props to the centre-back who's also impeccably dressed every time. And it's no wonder — the central defender landed a partnership with Hugo Boss in 2015, with the brand favouring his disciplined, passionate, confident and authentic style of play. This year, that partnership has extended to the National German team, with Hugo Boss as their official outfitter accompanying them to France for Euro 2016. Known for his cool head and ability to read the game, it seems that Hummels will be stopping us all, whether he's executing a solid defense for his team or looking dashing in his slim-cut, dark grey-coloured BOSS suit. 

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