Are you game to take on 2017's most intriguing marathons?

Are you game to take on 2017's most intriguing marathons?

Race you to the finish line

Text: Buro. Singapore

Pack your running shoes and get ready to stretch your limit at these gruelling races

Singaporeans love to run. In the past five years alone, the city state has seen a 134% spike in interest for marathon running. As the sport races to the top as the nation's favourite exercise, popularity for overseas marathons is also soaring. With an increasing number of locals crossing national boundaries to participate in running events outside of Singapore, the adrenaline junkies over at travel retailer Flight Centre give us the lowdown on this year's top marathon destinations. 


Great Wall Marathon

great wall marathon

Where: Great Wall of China, Huairou

When: 20 May 2017

What: Hailed as one of the world's most challenging marathons, the Great Wall Marathon is perfect for runners looking to up the notch and put their endurance to the test. This arduous course on the iconic site whisks you away in a historical run back in time and rewards your endeavour with its breathtaking sights and sounds. Complete your experience with a Beijing tour and a stay in Jixian, located near the Great Wall Marathon venue, for a touch of China outside the great metropolis. 


Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Where: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

When: 1 to 2 July 2017

What: The Gold Coast Airport Marathon is a good starting point for runners looking for their first debut overseas. Feast your eyes on the scenic routes that make up the Gold Coast marathon, and run on flat lands while taking in the sights of Australia's picturesque coastline. The cool climate averaging at 12- degree Celsius in the country's mild winter season eases first-timers into the race and is a breath of fresh air for Singaporeans used to the humid conditions. 


BMW Berlin Marathon 2017

Where: Berlin, Germany

When: 24 September 2017

What: Go further and race through one of Europe's busiest cities in the BMW Berlin Marathon 2017. Rallying over 58,000 participants from 122 nations in 20162, the BMW Berlin Marathon is one of the largest annual gathering of marathoners. Now in its 44th edition, this event holds the title of having the most number of marathon world records for both men and women. The flat course, mild temperatures and roaring crowds of spectators makes this a bucket-list-worthy marathon for all runners. 


Bagan Temple Marathon

bagan temple marathon

Where: Bagan, Myanmar

When: 25 November 2017

What: Myanmar's ancient city of Bagan is home to more than 2,000 temples, transcendent in its beauty and historical background. The Bagan Temple Marathon is a treat to the senses with a course that transverse sacred pagodas and mystical temples scattered across the striking landscape of Bagan. Do not be fooled by its appearance, the humid conditions and dusty course makes it a challenge even for the experienced runners.