These Jawbone activity trackers have received a stylish update

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These Jawbone activity trackers have received a stylish update
Jawbone introduces a welcome flash of colour to their UP2 and UP3 lineup

Jawbone's UP2 and UP3 fitness trackers are already one of the most stylish you'll find on the market. They're slim, incredibly light, and sit pretty on the wrist. If you don't already own one, now's a good time to welcome a fitness tracker into your life. Already a Jawbone fan? Here's reason to rejoice: Leading industrial designer Yves Behar has designed a new strap for the UP2 along with a whole new spectrum of vibrant, jewel-toned colours for the UP2 and UP3.



The Up2, which was previously available in Black Diamond and Light Grey Hex, suited those who wanted to wear a tracker without drawing too much attention to it. However, the new design for the UP2 sports two interlocking thin straps brightened with welcome flashes of colour.

Updates have also been made to the hardware for UP2 and UP3 trackers. Instead of having to tap the band before you sleep, the trackers now have the ability to detect when you sleep and wake. In addition to automatic sleep detection, the UP3 is now smart enough to detect your passive heart rate — a metric that gives you a more holistic picture of your heart health.

The UP2 and UP3 trackers are available in new colours from the first week of October. Existing users can download the new firmware update for UP2 and UP3 from today for both the iOS and Android versions 4.7 or later.  

Text: Denise Kok

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