What is infrared heat yoga? This new studio in Singapore has all the answers

What is infrared heat yoga? This new studio in Singapore has all the answers

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Text: Janice Sim

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Any self-respecting yogi would know that the art of yoga can't actually be confined to a singular form, but can be well translated into many various kinds.

One variation is infrared heat yoga — a special form which heats up objects directly without cranking up the temperature in the air. Pioneers in this unique practice, Jal Yoga has recently opened its doors along Alexandra Road, unveiling a cosy sanctuary that specialises in infrared heat yoga as well as a wide spectrum of other yoga classes.

Jal Yoga Singapore

Their infra heat yoga studio is fitted with a row of cutting-edge (Far-Infrared-Technology) FIR panels on the ceiling, which emit a certain type of therapeutic heat. Not to be confused with hot yoga, the warmth in infrared heat yoga directly permeates the body without it feeling like a billion degrees. It is said to alleviate pains or aches, increase blood circulation, and even aid in better sleep. 

Not exactly what you're looking for? Jal's other yoga classes comprise of a good mix of traditional, modern, and entirely unique — enthusiasts can try out "Angamardana" (which makes its debut at Jal), a fitness regime helming from South India, or "Yoga for Sports", which feature performance-enhancing programs for athletes. 

Jal Yoga Singapore

In case you were thinking of switching your fitness routine up, pilates and barre classes are also available at Jal. In addition to all that, plans to offer Ayurveda-centered treatments are currently underway. If you are interested in trying out one of the world's oldest healing systems in the near future, you might want to keep tabs on this studio for more updates.

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