Improve your sports performance with these sleek tights

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Improve your sports performance with these sleek tights
They fit like a glove and look way cooler than those stretchies you saw on Flashdance

Look beyond the domain of accidental hipsters and you'll find a slew of tights that do more than shield your legs from the cold. With Nike's latest offerings, you'll find tights that help to regulate your body temperature and support your muscles as they hit up the circuits. So whether you're breaking into a sprint or launching yourself into cobra pose, these smartly designed tights will help you to reach your limits and beyond. 


Power speed tight

nike power speed tight

Great for: Runners tackling anything from sprints to distance training. The design of the tights help to stabilise sore muscles and aid in muscle recovery.

Made with: Lightweight, high-elastane Dri-FIT fabric that's flexibile enough to adapt to your stride. Enhanced compression along the hip, thigh, calf, and Achilles tendon lend additional support to the muscles in these areas. 

Cool details: An encased drawcord at the waist lets you tweak the garment into a snug fit. Reflective details kick into gear under low-light conditions while bonded ankle zips make slipping in and out of the tights a real breeze. 


Zoned sculpt tight

nike zoned sculpt tights

Great for: Yogis, be it those who're slipping into a gentle Hatha practice or more vigorous Vinyasa sequence. 

Made with: Supple, light Dri-FIT fabric woven from an innovative knitting process that provides compressive support to the muscles around the glutes, quadriceps, and core. The seamless construction of the tights means you're free to flow from pose to pose without having to continually adjust your tights. A high waistband helps to lock your core in — especially useful if you're holding an inverted pose. 

Cool details: The fabric is efficient in wicking sweat away. Perfect for hot yoga classes.


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Text: Denise Kok

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